Dental Probe Orthodontics and Aesthetics Co.: My Teeth Whitening Experience

Did you know that coffee and tea are the top teeth stainers? Admit it, we all want strong white teeth, but I for one loves to drink coffee and tea every single day.  Even cola, red wine, cranberry juice, blueberries, soy sauce and my favorite curry, balsamic vinaigrette and tomato sauce can stain your teeth as well.

I have noticed that over the years of being a coffee and tea drinker, my teeth have turned yellowish and it bothered me so I thought of having my teeth whitened. I quite hesitated then coz some people said it is a painful procedure. I also didn’t try any at home teeth whitening products since I am too scared and not sure if the ingredients are safe to use.

So today, I am gonna share with you guys how my experience was when I had my teeth whiten at Dental Probe.

Meet my Dentist: Dr. Mafel Ortizano

So good thing my friend Mafel, who happens to be a dentist, so that’s Dr. Mafel Ortizano guys. She has been practicing dentistry for over nine years already. I was in Manila a few weeks ago so it was a perfect time to visit Dr. Ortizano’s clinic at Dental Probe in Makati and I had a consultation about having my teeth whitened.
Dr. Ortizano carefully explained and answered all my questions regarding the procedure and I think the main concern was that if my teeth were sensitive. I sometimes experience teeth sensitivity when eating ice cream or eating acidic foods but other than that I don’t experience pain with my teeth on a regular basis.

Let’s get my teeth whiten, shall we?

After the consultation, Dr. Ortizano checks my teeth and thoroughly cleaned it first which took roughly about 20minutes. Then she prepared me for the teeth whitening procedure and explained that the laser bleaching will take a total of forty-five minutes but will break it down into three intervals at 15 minutes each which made me really comfortable.

She begins by applying a protective material to my gums and lips and then a bleaching solution was applied to my teeth. A high-intensity light or laser is directed at the teeth which activate the bleaching or whitening process.


Don’t I look so cool with my protective eyeglasses and with the laser light on my mouth? Lucky for me I didn’t feel any discomfort during the whole procedure. After the first interval, she gradually added more bleaching solution since I didn’t have any discomfort. And I really love that she did that just to make sure and tested if I really don’t have any teeth sensitivity.  After each interval, I have seen my teeth color go lighter and lighter.

Here I am after the procedure with Dr. Mafel Ortizano and her assistant Angela. All smiles as you can see! My teeth were four shades whiter and I am really happy with the results. I think the whole whitening procedure took about an hour twenty minutes, forty-five minutes for the laser light and the rest went on the application of the gum protection material and bleaching solution. After this experience, I think I am going to have my teeth whiten every year or every two years now or so depending what Dr. Oztizano recommends.

With Dr. Mafel Ortizano and Dr. Darwin dela Pena.

Freebies! How cute are these anniversary giveaways for all their patients? All smiling!


Teeth whitening is a very delicate procedure and should only be done by the professionals. There are a lot of teeth whitening kits/products in the market now but if you want instant results then only a chairside teeth whitening can do that for you and should only be done by your dentist. They know what is best for you and they can give you proper advise.

If you don’t have one then you can visit my dentist Dr. Mafel Ortizano at Dental Probe Orthodontics and Aesthetics Co. and have a consultation. They can be your one stop shop for all your dental needs. So other than teeth whitening, Dental Probe offers basic services like oral prophylaxis, tooth filling, and extraction. They also offer cosmetics/aesthetics  like (veneers, teeth whitening etc.) , function restoration in prosthodontics like ( crowns, bridge and dentures ) , root canal treatment, Braces (from conventional, ceramic, self-ligating ),Invisalign , splints to Implants , Bone grafting, periodontal treatment, surgeries (odontectomy, alveoloplasty, sinus lifting, apicoectomy etc.).

And great news to all my readers, they are offering 25% off on teeth whitening and 10% off on all other major services plus free fluoride treatment to all my followers for the whole month of October in celebration of their anniversary. So yay!!! Make the appointment now guys.

Dental Probe is located at Unit 202 AMV Building, Evangelista corner General Estrella streets, Bangkal, Makati City, Metro Manila.

For inquiries, please contact Dental Probe at 0915 8849495 or 0939 863 8998 or you can visit their Facebook Page here for inquiries or appointments.

So happy with my whiter teeth now, I should have done it sooner but the timing is just perfect especially now that I am always in front of the camera for my blogs and all. Now I am so conscious about the food that I take especially if it can stain my teeth. I now drink my coffee with a straw hahaha!

Thank you so much, Dr. Mafel Ortizano and Dr. Darwin dela Pena for taking good care of me during my visit. You guys a the best! See you again soon!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗


Photos by: Jay Carlo Olaguer


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