Must Try Signature Facial Treatment: DERMFOCUS Skin Center Inc.

When was the last time you went to a dermatologist and had your skin checked? Did you know that some of our everyday routines can contribute to skin acne and skin aging?  Of course, there are the harsh rays of the sun, pollution and harmful substance in our environment that can really damage our skin. As for me, I can’t remember the last time I consulted a dermatologist but I have done facials every month since early this year when my friend told me that I really should have it done at least once a month. True enough, my skin is better than before but I still have so many concerns that my facial therapist can’t address to. So how timely was it that I got to visit DERMFOCUS in Makati last month for a consultation.

Remember my blog about Dental Probe here? Well, Dermfocus and Dental Probe are actually in the same building and their clinic is adjacent to each other. So right after I had my teeth whitened, I went to Dr. Roy Vincoy for a consultation and told him my skin problems. I have actually dry skin and since I am no longer in my 20’s, I can really see some fine lines and wrinkles already. He recommended the Laser treatment for me to address my problems and also to tighten my pores, but there’s a down time and I shouldn’t be wearing any makeup for the next three days or so, and I had to go somewhere else the next day so I opted for their Signature Total Facial Treatment instead and which I ended up loving.


Here with Dr. Roy Vincoy of Dermfocus


It’s really nothing like the other facials I had with other clinics. Their signature facial is an hour and forty minutes session that includes a ten minutes RF on your face, for lifting and contour (which I needed). I really enjoyed all the cool gadgets used during this facial. After the RF, I think the therapist used seven or more gadgets to buff, scrub, polish, steam, and vacuum my face. Then she used a cold hammer to cool down and minimized the redness on my face, then a cold mask was applied. But it wasn’t done there, a high-frequency device was then used. Then a facial serum, vitamin c, collagen and whitening applied by another cold metal device.

The last device was the coolest, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Mask in Red Light which was for Anti-inflammatory, Whitening, Rejuvenation (see last photo below). My face felt like baby skin after the therapy. It was such an amazing facial. And it cost almost the same as my usual facial less all the cool gadgets. It is really worth every penny.

This is the cold mask above, and the Photodynamic Therapy Mask below. (I actually ask the therapist not to remove my eye make up here, hahah!)

So did you have your facial done this month yet? Well, good news ladies and gentlemen! Dermfocus is having an amazing promo this month as they celebrate their 2nd anniversary. They offer up to 50% on most of their dermatological services for the whole month of October! You can even avail the discounted prices as gift certificates valid for one year.

Aside from their Signature Total Facial Treatment they also offer four other facial treatments that target acne, wrinkles, and anti-aging. I have listed more of the services they offer below:

  • Laser Treatments: Fractional Laser CO2 Laser, Diode Laser Hair Removal
  • Face and Body Contour: Monopolar Radiofrequency, Cavitation, RF-Cavi Combo, Mesolipo
  • Acne and Scar Treatments
  • Skin Lightening and Rejuvenation
  • Specialized Dermatological Procedures: Electrocautery, Botox and so much more. 

For inquiries and consultation, you may call 02-512-4922 or 0929-273-9675 or visit their Facebook page here

You gotta try Dermfocus Signature Total Facial Treatment, trust me, you’ll love it! Book a facial now! And give your skin a treat it deserves!

Thank you so much Dr. Vincoy for the warm welcome, see you soon doc! 

Much Love,

Sheila đŸ’—

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