OOTD & Travel Diary (plus a freak car accident): Haji Lane, Singapore

This is such a long overdue blog post. Remember my trip to Bali six weeks ago? Well, from Bali, we had an 8 hours layover in Singapore before our flight back to the Philippines. Since we had quite a lot of time, we decided to get out from the airport and head to Haji Lane to eat, shop and of course take some photos.

It is actually my second time in Singapore but first time to be in Haji Lane so I was quite excited since there are quite a lot of Instagram worthy spots there and cute shops too. We got there a little over lunchtime and the weather was scorching hot! We had a quick lunch at this local and authentic Singaporean restaurant which we enjoyed. Then headed out and took some photos that was cut short since the heat was too much to handle.


Outfit details: White tee from H&M, Skirt from Pinkaholic (sold out), Sneakers from Nike, Bag from Louis Vuitton, Sunnies from Linda Farrow

It was so humid that day my energy levels got drained from ten to zero. We practically took the five minutes walk from Haji Lane to Bugis Junction by taxi coz I can’t walk anymore farther with heat on. Hahaha! Seriously! The taxi even refused to let us ride since it was very near but I insisted.

Finally, we were able to cool down at the mall in Bugis Junction and grab a bite to eat while my best friend Antong literally drank two cans of coke in less than three minutes. So a piece of advise, if you plan to visit Haji Lane, go there around five in the afternoon or around sunset, so it wouldn’t be too humid.

Tick tock, it was time to leave for the airport before we miss our flight back home. We got into this limo service and we were talking and laughing on how funny the day went and then bam! Our limo service got hit by another car and scary enough I was seated on the right side where we got bumped. Funny how I caught it in a video since I was actually using Snapchat the moment we got hit that you can actually hear us shouted “OMG!”.  Thank God no one got hurt and we were all okay.

It was truly an unforgettable trip. And love that I was able to get an awesome souvenir since I got a hard copy of Cleo magazine September issue where I was featured. 

Much Love,

Sheila đŸ’—

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