Shopping In My Closet

Completed this look by shopping through my closet. Yes, you heard that right, there is always good stuff stuck in the middle or back of your closet. I wanted a black outfit to make this plaid blazer from Shein pop out along with my new black pointed shoes from CMG. I knew had some black pants that I haven’t worn before and found three and this one still has its tag on. I think this one is more than three years old. Seriously, I think we are all guilty of having unworn clothes with tags still intact in our closet.

You see, sometimes, you just really have to go through your closet before thinking of buying a new one. So glad I found this, it was really like shopping through my closet racks and I felt so happy that it still fit after all those years.

Outfit details: Plaid Blazer from Shein (shop it here), Tank top from Zara, Pants from Topshop (old, similar here), Shoes from Staccato (Shop it here at CMG), Bag from Fendi.

I love how comfy these shoes are from CMG, it is from their Staccato brand. The leather is so soft and the style is so versatile it goes well with almost any outfit. Can’t wait to wear these pair again soon. Any suggestions? Please drop me a comment below, would love to hear from you guys.

I am currently at the airport now finishing up this post coz I’m flying back to Manila again. Manila has really become my second home. My flight from Butuan to Manila which is an hour and a half is actually quite a shorter trip compared to driving from Manila airport to our place in Quezon City which takes about two hours because of the heavy traffic and it can really be so stressful but I’m getting used to it. Today is Friday so wish me luck on the traffic guys. Happy Fri-yay!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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