Ukay-Ukay Outfit Series: October 2017

So I have finally decided to do a monthly blog post of an Ukay-ukay outfit. Every month I will have a different style inspiration. I will call this blog entry my Ukay-Ukay Outfit Series. And for this month it’s all about getting “Suit Up” casually so the key piece for this month’s look is a blazer.

Got four outfit inspirations here for you guys. Blazers are just so in season now and there no better place to get your hands on one if you’re on a tight budget but in a thrift store. I know I have been wearing blazers lately from different clothing brands but today I am just sharing with you how much money you need to get this look. I love challenging myself to shop on a budget.

(Inspiration photos from Google)

So here’s my Ukay-ukay (thrifted) haul that totals 195 pesos only (about $3.75). Is that crazy or what?! Got this navy blue linen blazer for p130. I love the gold buttons and it is fully lined and has padded shoulders.

I actually had a hard time looking for a printed men’s shirt coz there weren’t any many choices. And the only piece that caught my eye is this vintage Tommy Hilfiger Tshirt. The asking price was p80 pesos but I haggled my way to p40 since the shirt got holes at the back and the neckline was already bacon. So what I did, I punch holes on the fronts to make it more vintage and my Yaya worked her magic and got rid of the bacon neckline.

To complete the look, I dig into a mountain pile of shorts and pants section and found this white bermuda shorts which are the cheapest piece of item for this look. I got it for only p25. Now that’s a bargain!

I think it took me less than an hour to complete all pieces for this look from two separate stores. The first thing I look for was the blazer since it is the key piece for this outfit. Then I worked my way from there and find a shirt and shorts to match the blazer. Check out my previous post on where I shop, here)

Outfit details: Blazer, Tshirt, shorts are all from the thrift store, Bag from Chanel, Shoes from Zara.

So how do you like my p195 pesos ($3.75) outfit?  Fashion doesn’t necessarily be expensive. As long you know how to style the clothes and know what works for you, you can never go wrong no matter how much your budget is.

Watch out for next month’s look guys. Happy thrift shopping!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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