Trend: Cycling Shorts Are Back

Thanks to Kim Kardashian West these cycling shorts from the 80’s are making a come back. The last time I wore a pair of cycling shorts was back in high school. I wore cycling shorts when I go biking with my friends around the village and also wear one underneath my school uniform coz back then, we use to play Chinese garter at school and we don’t want to show our panties to the boys watching us every time we do a high jump. Hahahaha! Does anyone can relate to that? Well, not with the new generation I guess, coz I don’t see any kids playing jack stone, “luksong tinik”, Chinese garter, and patentero (Filipino games) anymore. Today’s generation is all about of Ipads, iPhones, and Android phones, sad.

I never thought cycling shorts can be this “Fasyon”(so trendy).  Back then cycling or bike shorts are just worn for activewear, I mean it’s called “cycle” and ‘bike” shorts for its simple reason after all, right? But now, it has turned around into a whole new level in fashion. And I heard it’s gonna be around for Spring 2018 as it was seen on the runway during the recent fashion week. Check out the photo I gathered of my favorite style stars (photos from Instagram and google search) below for you to see how Kim Kardashian set this trend and how I ending up wearing a pair recently so read on below.


So last week I was inspired by Kim’s look so I wore this ensemble at the Cemetery during All Saints Day. I wanted to dress comfortably and this is just the perfect lazy outfit. It was sunny in the morning and then it rained in the afternoon so good thing I brought my denim jacket too. Funny thing was since these photos were taken at the cemetery, I checked my photos right away if there are any ghosts on my back, hahaha! (Like seriously, I did check guys!)

Warning: Next photo coming at you is not a celebrity! 

Outfit details: Tshirt from Adidas (shop it here), Cycling shorts (shop it here, or at Zalora here, or you can check your at your local department store and find it at the underwear section), Shoes from Adidas, Denim jacket from Stradivarius (similar here), Sunglasses from Gentle Monster (shop it here).

So, would you wear the cycling shorts too? I would love to hear your thoughts about this trend so please do leave your comments down below. This is just the first of my many outfits wearing bike shorts and I will probably dress it up next time so stay tuned! Thanks for reading guys and I hope you like this post.

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

6 thoughts on “Trend: Cycling Shorts Are Back

    1. You should try it babe! It’s so chic and you dress it up or down. Either way you will rock it even with the bump! It’s so lovely to hear from you here. Thanks for dropping by! 😘❤️

    1. Oh it will be my pleasure! However, I do wish it would be a bit colder here so I can wear coats and thigh high boots hahaha. Then you must rock those winter outfits for me too! 😄😘💕

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