Cheat Day

Should I say cheat day or cheat days? Well, I don’t know about you guys but I and my husband have our cheat days, Saturday and Sundays, where we go eat everything we want and enjoy comfort food. And the reason why I am talking about this is that I am actually eating a chocolate mousse cake while writing this post.

Cheat days for me are ice cream, cakes, ice blended coffee and tons of processed food. Before I hit my 30’s, gaining a pound has never been an issue and eating a buffet didn’t have any impact on my weight but it is totally a different story now. Plus, I found out early this year that I am actually intolerant of dairy for starters so I shouldn’t be eating all those types of food. I think I have mentioned to you guys about that and promised to share it with you but I still haven’t written about it yet so I’m sorry about that. I will soon, promised!

Anyways, here I am in the photos below actually waiting for my burger to go and took advantage of this burger place called Burger Depot, cute interiors and shoot my #ootd. Wore this black ruffle top with mesh detail from Romwe and paired it with jeans and flats to dress it down. This top would actually look fab paired with a black mini skirt and some killer boots, don’t you think?

Outfit details: Top from Romwe, Jeans from H&M, Shoes from CMG, Bag from Fendi

So how was your weekend guys? Hope you had a good one. I am actually thinking of working on my fitness journey soon and work on taking out these so-called “cheat days” out of my life. And should go back to my healthy eating habits, so wish me luck guys! I hope I will be able to share that journey with you.

Have a great week ahead and hope you like this post!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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