Bad Habits

Admit it, we have bad habits that are affecting or worst, ruining our lives. Be it a bad eating habit, nail-biting, fidgeting, hoarding, overspending, procrastination and bullying to name a few. We need to take control and start addressing these habits so we can accomplish our goals. Well, I am no expert here so I am not giving you advice on how you can stop with your bad habits but rather I will share with you today on how I dealt with my bad eating habits before.

Suddenly I just had to pick this topic today since my shirt says otherwise and I am running out of titles on my blog posts. So before we get serious, let’s talk about my outfit first. I in love with this bold red blazer I got from Romwe with a ruching sleeve detail. The print on the shirt in red cold totally complemented the blazer. I want to keep it casual so I opt for a white sneaker rather than a pair of heels.

Now, back to my eating habits. One thing that got me through it was through setting my goals straight. To have a healthy lifestyle and by eating clean. So that means more vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins and fats, and less to zero processed food and a large amount of sugar and salt. It will always be hard during the first few weeks but as long as you focus on your goal and keep on reminding yourself why you’re doing it then you’re on the right track.

Every time I crave for some junk food or a piece of cake, I tell myself repeatedly “Eat it and you will grow an inch on your belly fat” and sometimes I think of the worst “Eat that then you’ll up in the hospital” hahaha! So, of course, you don’t want that so I will repeat those words in my mind and ended up not eating. If I crave for something sweet, I eat fruits. If I crave for something fries, I’ll have sweet potato fries instead. And I would alternately choose a smoothie over an ice blended mocha frappuccino.

Outfit details: Red Blazer from Romwe (I am wearing a size medium, Shop it here), T-shirt from GTW by SM, Denim Skirt from Mantou Clothing, Shoes from Adidas, Sunnies from Pinkaholic Clothing.

Remember my previous blog about cheat day? Well, I give myself a break and indulge once a week. But I don’t go all out. A few bites of a cookie monster cake shall do the trick. Everything should be in balance and in moderation. I always make sure to have greens in my daily diet and I don’t believe in starvation. I eat five times a day in small portions.

So, what are your bad habits? And what are you doing about it? Hope this post finds you well. And remember, when it comes to food, there is always a healthier option out there, you just have to be resourceful and make time to prepare for it. Stay healthy guys!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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