How To Shop My Outfits Straight From Your Inbox 

Did you know that you can shop my outfits straight from your inbox? Yes, that’s right. I have been getting a lot of emails and messages asking me where I got my pants, top or shoes on my Instagram. Well, aside from the obvious that I post every detail like brands and shopping links of my outfits here on my blog.

There is also this app that allows you to shop instantly just by simply liking my photos or taking a screenshot of my photos on Instagram with the link and hashtags. By doing so, you will receive an email with a link of that photo (as seen below) with shopping links of all the products featured straight to your inbox so you can shop instantly at any time. Sounds great right! You can read more about from a previous post here.

You can also go to the app and browse through worldwide influencers photo and shop instantly. I have gathered some of my looks below and just click on them so you will know what I mean. You will be redirected to my #Liketoknowit link where you can shop each item featured.

And yes, you can shop beauty products, home decors, and accessories too. There’s an endless shopping possibility. Online shopping couldn’t have been more fun than this. You can download the app from the Apple Store here or on Google Play here and it would look just like the photo below.

Isn’t this app amazing or what. Now you don’t have to ask and wonder where I got those cute outfits above. Simply like my photos with the #LiketoKnowit link and you can instantly shop the items from your inbox. Sign up right away here  and enjoy browsing through outfits of many other influencers from around the world as well. Happy online shopping!

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