Wearing My Vintage Chanel Mini Purse Into A Fanny Pack

Fanny packs, bum bags or belt bags, whatever you call it, I am totally up to it! This is my last outfit post for 2017 guys, and should I say I saved the best for last?The fanny packs from the 90’s made a huge come back this year and chicer mind you! A lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid were spotted sporting the “IT” bag of 2017. And you must probably see a lot of international and local bloggers (including my friend Nicole Syjuco) wearing the bum bags.

It was not until last November that I have finally decided to join the Gucci gang and ordered myself the most coveted Gucci quilted belt bag when my friend went abroad. But apparently, my size was out of stock then and so I asked another friend who also went abroad to buy me one and thought she finally got it and I expected it to arrive before Christmas. To my dismay, my friend wasn’t able to get it still because my size was not available. Almost two months have passed and still no bum bag so I just had to improvise and turned my vintage Chanel mini purse into a belt bag. I just basically pulled the chain and leather strap then tied a knot at the back and voila. (Also wore this bag as a bum bag here.)

Outfit details: Plaid Suit dress and boots from Zara, Bag is vintage Chanel, Sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere

Well, I hope you guys like this look. You can do this trick to most of your mini sling bags. Remember this post here when I wore my mini YSL bag into a bum bag too? I have also posted a shopping link down below for my belt bag picks if you guys happen to be looking for one and also love this trend, I have both designer, and affordable ones listed for you.

It’s almost new year guys and I am so ecstatic for 2018! Watch out for my top 20 favorite #OOTD of 2017 up next, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading guys!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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