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Are you guys having a holiday hangover? Well, I kinda am. Been wanting to post my 1st blog for 2018 but then my mind is still on a holiday of some sort and just wanna sleep and watch tv. I am currently in Manila now since January second and I took my first plane ride of the year. And guess what, I think many of us are still on holiday coz there no traffic out here in the metro yet and I am loving it.

Looking back at 2017, it had many ups and downs. The first half of the year was hard just because I lost two of my precious furry babies, Fuchsia and Summer. It took me months to heal from the pain and then hubby bought me three cute little puppies, Pixee and Dustee, both Chihuahuas and Miumiu a Yorkshire Terrier.

I also had a wonderful birthday celebration since it was the first time I had a party after so many years (check out my birthday post here). Had a total of 36 plane rides last year mostly to and from Manila. The only flight I took not Butuan or Manila was to Hong Kong with my hubby last February and to Bali with my best friend Antong last August. Both trips were amazing, check it out here and here.

Then came the last quarter of 2017, I had the most amazing thing that happened and I can’t tell you guys about it just yet. So let’s keep it a secret for now, alright? And also, It was late last year that I got to meet an amazing person who I share a lot of things in common. My new friend, my “blogger bestie” Nicole Syjuco. I got to meet her wonderful family too.

I can say 2017 ended with a big bag. And I am so grateful to Almighty God for all the blessings He had showered on me and my husband and to my family.

I and my hubby usually celebrate the New Year’s Eve with both of our family. Dinner both at my parents’ house and my in-laws. Then we drive home before the clock strikes twelve and spark some fireworks outside our home. But this year, we didn’t quite do everything exactly the same. We just had dinner at both our parent’s houses and skip the rest of the traditions. Sharing with you guys few photos that were taken during the New Year’s Eve of my husband and my family.

Outfit details: Knit pullover and sequin skirt both from H&M (got it on sale by the way), Socks from Pinkaholic Clothing and shoes from Aldo. 

From top clockwise: Hubby, my brother Mark & his son Joaquin, my eldest brother Jason and his son Lance, My sisters-in-law Shyren and her son Sean, Krispee and her daughter Bella, and my parents. ❤️

So how is your first week of the year doing so far guys? Hope it’s all well! Sending you some good vibes today! A happy first weekend of the year to everyone! Watch out for my IG stories for daily updates. Meeting up with my blogger bestie Nicole later. Thanks for dropping by today guys, promised to be with my regular blog post next week! Take care!

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  1. I am really grateful for I have known you for the second half of the year 2017. I am sk sorry for your loss (to your two beautiful puppies.) Thank you very much for giving an amazing vibes through your blog posts or ig posts. I’ve never felt so much appreciation until you’d reply on my comments. I hope you will be having a great year this 2018 together with ur family. To more blog posts this 2018! Love lots! ♥♥♥

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