Found The Most Instagrammable Diner In Manila

I was actually heading to the airport to fetch my mom but I was more than an hour early since there was no traffic that Monday morning (surprisingly) so I decided to grab some breakfast on the way. I remember this diner called Filling Station Bar and Cafe from a few months ago when I saw a blogger posted a photo on his Instagram. I was this beautiful diner concept restaurant which is open 24hours so I told my driver to take me there instead.

It was actually quite fast finding the place through the help of Waze but to my luck that day, they were closed for fogging and clean up and won’t be open until twelve noon. But since I was already there I asked the staff if I could go inside and check out the place and maybe take some photos. It was nice of them to let me go in and take a few photos in this one area of the diner.

The place was really beautifully decorated and it reminded me those American diners you see in movies and of course the famous Pop’s Diner from the hit Netflix show, Riverdale. The thing is, this place is even way better. The place even has a vintage car inside (not shown in the photos since that area was close but I got a peek at the door) and did you spot spiderman on the ceiling below? Pretty cool huh? So much vintage stuff in this place that you really feel like you’re on a movie set or something. I am definitely coming back here and try their food, some milkshakes and take more photos too coz every corner there was just Instagrammable.

Wore this pretty chiffon wrapped dress from Romwe in my current favorite polka dot print. And check out this ripped denim jacket that got rips/slits on the elbows. Also wore my new belt bag from Miu Miu that day.

Outfit details: Polka Dot wrap dress from Romwe, Ripped Oversized Denim Jacket also from Romwe, Belt bag from Miu Miu, Sunglasses from @shopnicolesyjuco on Instagram, Socks from Forever21 and Shoes from Nike.


Hope you guys had a great weekend. If you are planning to head to this place, well here’s the thing, they don’t allow cameras inside not unless you get their photoshoot package (so nevermind bringing one). But you can shoot all you want using your camera phone. I was only allowed to take a few shots since they were still closed and cleaning up the place as I’ve mentioned earlier. Isn’t the place look amazing or what? Can’t wait to go back. Well, that’s it for today guys. Thanks for reading!


Filling Station bar and Cafe is located at P. Burgos St. Makati City

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  1. Ate Sheila!! You are the queen of ootd! You always make sure that your outfits will show vibrance and confidence to the world. That place is really beautiful (hoping to visit there someday hihi). How do u manage to choose best ootds all the time??? Hindi kasi talaga ako maruning mag pick ng e we wear kaya na e end up na shirt & jeans palagi hahahah ♥♥♥

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