7 Signs I Knew I Was Getting Old

Happy Chinese New Year guys or should I say Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! Well, a new year means another year older. So other than the fact that our age increases every year and we are no Benjamin Button who ages backward, then the three letter word applies to me or to us inevitably, OLD.

Can’t help but cringe every time someone calls me “Tita” (Aunt in Tagalog) and no longer “Ate” (big sister in Tagalog). So today, I’m gonna share with you guys how I accept for the fact that I am really getting old or let’s just older. I have here today 7 SIGNS I KNEW I WAS GETTING OLD. I know I am not alone on this so please raise your hand by commenting down below if any of the 7 signs apply to you when you are done reading this, okay? But if it does not, then that simply means you are still on your 20’s so please have fun in the sun, party all night and eat all you want. You’ll thank me later. Okay, so here goes.


1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

I guess this is the number one obvious signs of aging right? I can’t help but notice fine lines, dark spots, and some wrinkles on my face. Like every time I look myself in the mirror, I can’t help but check if there are new ones.

2. Thinning Hair

OMG! Looking at my photos 10years ago is just crazy. My hair was so much fuller then hahaha! 


3. Noise

Okay gone were the days where I dance to the hit music in a club. Now, loud music is just noise to my ears. I can’t even stand it when I am inside a small room full of people talking and laughing. And as the saying goes “If it’s too loud you’re too old”.

4. Tiredness

Leave me inside the mall the whole day then I go home still running home with a big smile on my face. Well, not anymore. I think I can only stay as long as five hours inside the mall. I used to skip a meal and eat later after shopping if I see a nice dress inside a store, it’s like clothes, shoes, and bags over food. But now, whenever I am hungry I can’t function anymore and I need to eat right away coz otherwise I can’t concentrate and don’t have any energy to go shopping. 

5. Irritable

I think my patience has gone from 10 to 3. I get so easily annoyed with incompetent people. 

6. Dry Skin

Believe me, I never use body lotion my entire teenage years and not even in my twenties. I just started using some last year. Yup! I am so lazy like that. I wish I have my younger skin back. Now it’s normally dry even if I drink a gallon of water a day. So gotta moisturize now before I got wrinkly. 

7. Gaining Weight

Goodbye “Eat All You Can Buffet”! Eating a box of pizza and donuts was never an issue before. Like I never care about my weight or about the food I eat and thought about gaining weight. Now, eating bread is already a problem. My metabolism has simply slowed down.  


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So funny how we wanted to grow up so fast when we were little just so we could do anything that grown-ups do. And now that we became adults ourselves, we are doing everything we can just to stay young.

Well, to those who don’t know my current age yet (to all my batchmate, zip your mouth okay?), you guys have to wait till I reveal it next month on my birthday! Yes! I am getting another year older in less than a month! But hey, that’s life and we should be thankful for the life we are living in right now and count our blessings. Just being able to breathe and be alive on this earth is such a blessing already. And speaking of my birthday, watch out for a lot of giveaway for the whole month of March.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Hit the like button or share this post if you can relate or leave a comment down below. Would love to hear from you guys. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for reading guys!

2 thoughts on “7 Signs I Knew I Was Getting Old

  1. I am still 19 but I don’t really much wnjoy the loud noise inside a club and I get irritated when a person starts talking to me hahaha. I should really start taking care of my skin now before it’s too late! 😭😍😍💕💕

    1. I mean how can you talk to your friends right if it’s too loud? hahaha! Yes, please start taking good care of your skin, always moisturize and wear sunblock before heading out. Ahhh… I miss being at your age so just enjoy being a teenager. <3

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