Pinkaholic Clothing X Shop Nicole Syjuco Shoot At Filling Station Bar Cafe

So I woke up at four in the morning for this collaboration shoot of my clothing brand, Pinkaholic Clothing, and my blogger bestie Nicole Syjuco’s @shopnicolesyjuco sunglasses. Our call time was at 6:00 AM and my place is an hour away from the location so I just had 5 hours of sleep but got so excited I was the first on the scene.

Our location was at this awesome diner in Makati City called Filling Station Bar and Cafe. Remember my previous post about this place here? Well, in this post you get to see more of the place that I wasn’t able to take photos then since they were close during that time.

And as I’ve mentioned also in my previous post about this photoshoot here, that we had two amazing photographers. So here’s the rest of the photos you didn’t get to see yet with me in it. Mostly with my bestie Nicole.

Here are the photos shot by James Lao below.

This is one of my favorite shot with my bestie Nicole Syjuco. Watch out for our album. Hahaha! (Kidding of course)

From left: Akiko Abad, Nicole Syjuco, and I all decked in @PinkaholicClothing outfits and @shopnicolesyjuco sunnies.

And below are the photos shot by Alain Lababit.

I had so much fun during the shoot! And we were so happy the shoot was a success. The clothes from my shop and the sunnies from Nicole’s shop looked amazing in every photo. Alain and James did a brilliant job. Actually, everyone did amazing.

The place was also really beautiful in every corner. The owner’s attention to detail is remarkable like from the floor to ceiling, hands down the most beautiful Diner I’ve seen in the country. His collection of vintage memorabilia including the cars and old gasoline refilling tanks were all original. They even have a Marilyn Monroe themed VIP room. Did you spot the pink Cadillac on one of the photos? So pretty right?

The food was also good but the shakes can be better. We love the pizza so much but sorry I didn’t get to snap any food photos since we got so busy getting ready and styling the models at the same time. The place is open 24hours a day, from breakfast to late nights. The location is actually in the red light district in Makati so if you are planning to go there on an all-girl group, I suggest you girls go there for lunch or in the afternoon.

That’s it for today guys, sorry for being a little MIA. I haven’t been in the mood for writing lately and for some good news, the photos from my SD card has already been recovered so yay! Please stay tuned for some giveaway announcement here and do follow me on Instagram for updates. Thanks for dropping by today guys!

Makeup: Ara Fernando

All outfits (Except Nicole’s outfit on the last couple of photos) from Pinkaholic Clothing

Sunglasses from @shopnicolesyjuco on Instagram

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  1. Will be waiting for your music video!! Hahahah!! You definitely look like a beautiful living barbie doll!! You, Nicole, and Akiko slayed!! The place is reall good for taking lots of photos but the highlight for this is your “PinkaholicClothing” creation & sunnies from “Shopnicolesyjuco”!! Been eyeing on your clothes bc all of them looks beautiful & classy!! Would want to own one soon! 😍😱💋💋💋

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