Age Is But A Number

Wow, we are already half way through March and I have just celebrated my birthday the other day! 

And yes, I said it loud and proud on my Instagram and on Facebook that I just turned 38th! So now you know why I kept saying before that I am such a late bloomer to get myself into the blogging world.

I started this blog two years ago, to share my love for fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. So that’s me wanting to become a blogger at 36 years old. A little old to start right? But then again, I asked myself, why not? Age is but a number after all. I think nothing should stop us from doing what we are passionate about life and do the things that make us happy. If you have the passion and a dream, I’d say go for it. No one should tell you what you can or cannot do.

Okay, my photos have nothing to do with my birthday, this was taken days before. So this is probably the last #OOTD of my 37 years old self. Haha! Well, just a casual #OOTD that I am sure any of you can pull off. I love the gold metallic print on this ruffle blouse from Shein paired with a denim skirt.

Outfit details: Metallic Print Top from Shein (shop it here), Denim Skirt from Mantou Clothing, Shoes from Zara (similar here), Bag from Loewe (Shop it here)

Here’s a trivia for you guys, I actually have the same birthday with my brother-in-law Ralph and my husband’s grandma. Isn’t that cute! We actually had lunch together last Sunday for a triple celebration. And then, we each had our own dinner celebration on our actual birthday. Funny I should add that a cousin of mine gave birth to her firstborn son on March 12th so that makes four of us now in the clan.

Well, that’s it for today guys! I’ll be talking more personal stuff with you so I hope you subscribe to my blog by registering your email on the bottom part if you are using your mobile or on the sidebar if you are using your laptop/PC so you won’t miss a post. You can also follow me on Instagram @sheiladytiu for updates and I have an ongoing giveaway too so, please join. Till my next post guys, thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Age Is But A Number

  1. I thought we are just the same age haha! You are not aging at all!!!! waaahhh… and can i just say that having the same birthday with someone in your clan is so much fun!!! Two years ago I have birth to my eldest son on the birthday of my mom (which is the greatest gift ever according to her) and soooo we always celebrate their birthdays together.

    1. OMG! You have a two-year-old son already, that is just the greatest thing. And sure is fun having to celebrate with the family. It makes it so much memorable. Thank you sweetie!;)

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