Review: L’OREAL Brow Artist Xpert

As they say “Kilay is Life” and I gotta thank my little sister Stephanie for teaching me how to do my eyebrow makeup 8 years ago. Ever since then, I don’t leave the house without doing my brows. I feel naked without it, don’t you?

Today I am sharing with you the new L’oreal Brow Artist Xpert eyebrow mechanical pencil and brush. It is so easy to use and apply with its triangular shaped retractable pencil and it comes with a spoolie or a brush on the other end so you can easily blend and brush your brows for that perfectly natural finish.

It comes in seven shades to match your hair color. I have been using cool blonde for two weeks now and I really love it. You gotta try it yourself as it beautifully defines and sculpts your brows.

I think I only have one little thing to say to make this product so perfect. They should have made the brush a little bit softer. Although the brush works fine as it is, I think I just like it softer but that is just my preference. I am still using this one and loving it still. So it’s up to you guys to try it yourself and let me know your thoughts. But I am pretty sure you’ll love it.

(Available in your favorite department stores nationwide).

Thank you so much for reading guys and hope you find this post helpful.

3 thoughts on “Review: L’OREAL Brow Artist Xpert

  1. Thank God for sisters right? I am slowly learning the art of eyebrows haha! My eyebrows kasi are a bit thick already so less work na. There are times when I put kilay, sabi nila makapal daw (sigh) but if i find the perfect color baka araw arawin ko na!

    1. omg! This 2 in 1 brow pencil and brush will be perfect if you don’t want that dark brows look because it is kinda creamy so when you brush it, it blends out well and make it lighter and more natural finish. Or better yet, try using a brush after applying your eyebrows now and see if that will do the trick. If not, then you should give this one a try.

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