TRAVEL DIARY: Day 1 in Tokyo Japan (OOTD + Shopping in Ginza)

Day one in Tokyo and it was 16°C when we arrived at around one in the afternoon at Narita International Airport. It was my first time to travel to Japan with my family and my best friend Antong, and they leave the planning all to me so they had no choice but to say yes to whatever I had in store for the rest of the trip. It’s also their first time to travel to Japan so I was already looking forward to all the fun we were gonna have getting lost in a city that we all are not familiar with.

I personally planned out our itinerary after making some research prior to our trip to the places that I wanted to visit and didn’t book any tour at all. Well, we actually planned to book one tour to Mount Fuji but when we found out that there were no more cherry blossoms in bloom, we decided to skip it.

From the airport, we went straight to Ginza where our hotel is located and check in our luggage. Taxi in Japan is quite expensive, from the airport to the city would cost about US$350 to US$500. Since there are five of us with 10 pieces of luggage then we will be needing two taxies or a van that would also cost about US$600. So we opt to take the Airport Limousine Bus that would take us to Tokyo Airport City Terminal that cost ¥3,150 each passenger then from there we took a taxi going to our hotel that cost us ¥1,800 for each taxi. This was the best option said the lady at the information counter and it really was a smooth ride that took a total of an hour and a half to get us to our hotel. There is also another public bus that cost only ¥1,000 but it has so many stops that’s why we opt for the Limousine Bus. So to sum it all off, roughly it cost us p2,000 each passenger as fare from airport to our hotel.

After checking in our hotel at Ginza Grand Hotel, we went straight to the busy shopping street of Ginza, Chuo Du street where the designer brands and the biggest Uniqlo store in the world are at.

Me and my sister Stephanie.

Had a little shopping on our first day and had one of the best sushi and sashimi for dinner at Tsukiji Sen restaurant. It got a bit colder at night as it went down to 13°C. Most of the shops and cafes are closed at 9:00 PM and some at 10:00 PM around Ginza so after a couple of strolls along the area we head back to our hotel.

Left to right: My beautiful mama, me, sister Stephanie, sister-in-law Krispee and my brother Mark.

Track jacket from Adidas (shop it here), Track pants from Adidas (shop it here), White pullover from Stradivarius (similar here), Shoes from Zara (similar here), Belt bag from Gucci (shop it here)

My best friend Antong took a different flight that arrived later that same day so we got to see him when we got back to our hotel before midnight. Ending up grabbing some snacks at a nearby 7eleven store before heading up to our hotel rooms.

Stay tuned for my day 2 travel diary guys. And I’ll be uploading a new vlog on my YouTube channel too so watch out for that and please subscribe to my channel.

Thanks for reading guys and have a great week ahead!

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  1. Wow! the cab is expensive pala there. And I must say I love your day 1… shopping agad hihi… love the shoes!! perfect for strolling and in any ootd for your trip. 😘

    1. Yes, the taxi was really expensive and we can’t fit in one taxi so that doubles it. hahaha! A white comfy sneaker is always a good idea for trips that require a lot of walking. For this trip, I think we walked quite a couple km. hahhaah!

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