Travel Diary: Day 4 in Tokyo ( Tsukiji Market and Akihabara + Home Cafe )

Day 4 in Tokyo and we can’t stop eating sashimi and sushi. I mean we are in Japan so might as well eat sushi and ramen for the rest of the trip right? Japanese food is definitely one of favorite food, so I knew I was surely gonna gain a couple of pounds from this trip and I sure did.

All the restaurants we’ve been dining in since day one serves the freshest sashimi. And so for our fourth day, we decided to go to the famous Tsukiji Market to try the freshest sushi of them all for lunch. A twenty minutes train ride from Ginza. As we were walking towards the market, I saw a lot of people eating this fruit popsicle coming out from the market and so I told my family that we should have that for dessert after having lunch.

The first thing we tried eating from the street vendors was this delicious wagyu beef yakiniku and these sweet giant strawberries. I’ll show you guys that in my Vlog soon coz I was so busy taking videos I forgot to take photos. So anyway, it was such a good idea to have eaten the beef yakiniku and strawberries because the line at this restaurant where we decided to have called Sushizanmai was quite long and we waited about 40 minutes to get a table.

Striking a pose before heading to the train station with my best friend Antong.
This is the fruit popsicle I was telling you guys about earlier. This is so yummy and I am totally craving for one right now. This was right in front of Lawson store just the corner of Tsukiji market where the traffic light is. You cannot miss it, definitely, a must try when you are there.
After Tsujiki Market, we went to Akihabara coz my brother wanted to check out some shops there. Akihabara is like the toy and game district of Tokyo. Famous for its anime, toy shops, and game centers. While my brother, his wife and my sister explored the streets of Akihabara, my mom, Antong and I went out to find a cute Japanese cafe where we can sit down, eat, and wait for them. We tried to search for famous cafes in the area and chose Home Cafe and walked a couple of minutes until we found it.
The cafe was cute and has 7 floors so I got so excited to take photos, the line was long and so we thought it must be really good here so we waited. It took us long enough like 30 minutes to found out that the cafe was actually a “Maid cafe” like some sort of an entertainment cafe for “Masters” to come “Home” to their cafe. We were totally laughing so hard realizing what we got ourselves into, we really just wanted to sit down and eat and ended up in this unusual cafe experience. No wonder there were a lot of single men lining up, we were totally clueless.
Cameras were not allowed inside the cafe but we were allowed to take photos of the food using our phone camera. All the waitresses “Maid” are wearing this cute french maid uniforms with a Japanese anime twist. We had to sing a few Japanese cheers before we get to eat our food. It was so funny really that I wish I had it all in a video. Well, at least the food was cute and yummy so it was a crazy and fun experience for all of us.
Outfit details posted here
We ended the night back in Ginza and had ramen for dinner that night. So, how are you guys doing? Hope everything is well and thank you once again for reading. I’d really love to hear from you guys, so do leave a comment down below and say hi. One last post of my Tokyo travel diary up next then it’s done. Our last day in Tokyo was amazing so stay tuned for more.  Have a great day guys!

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  1. I love the fruit popsicle!!! sooo healthy and delish! and the Home Cafe experience hahaha!!!! i love it!!!

  2. Japan ❤ totally a must visit place. Everything looks so good I love how cute their food is espcially the popsicle totally instagramable ❤. I was laughing when I read about the Maid Cafe exprience 😂 Also I can’t forget how cool your outfit looks on you.

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