Hello Rainy Days

Summer never ends in the Philippines but rainy days are officially here. It has been raining for the past couple of days here in the Metro and now there’s typhoon Domeng but still is sunny somewhere else like in Butuan right now (lucky for you guys).

Is it just me or do rainy days make us feel sad most of the time? Whenever it rains, especially in the morning when you wake up, you just want to go back to bed and snoozed. I love getting cozy in bed with the hubby during the cool rainy weather. But the gloomy skies make you feel unhappy somehow, especially when you are alone I guess. If you guys have noticed I have been on and off lately on my Instagram account and just felt like taking a short time off and didn’t actually post anything for one or two days. It actually felt liberating.

Well, enough sadness and let’s just talk about my outfit, shall we? But I promise I’ll talk about that issue soon here on my blog. So okay, back to my OOTD, I am actually wearing a pearl embellished dress from Shein but I decided to wear as a top and paired with a denim skirt and sneakers to dress it down. It actually looks like a sweater here but it’s actually a very chic dress (check it out here).

Outfit details: Dress worn as top from Shein, Skirt From Zara (old), Gucci belt bag, Sunnies from Nicole Syjuco, Shoes from Zara, Socks from Uniqlo. 

Enjoy the rainy days’ guys but please take care and be safe always. Just remember to be grateful every day, life is a beautiful gift so enjoy every minute of it. Have a beautiful day!


6 thoughts on “Hello Rainy Days

  1. I like bed weather feels but I hate rainy days coz it means a lot of people will brave the rain, cough and cold months are here (btw I am one of the first victims) and some people do not have jobs because of the rain. But here comes also another page of fashion with our long sleeves! I love how this piece from Shein can be a top and a dress!!!! galing mo talaga magmix and match Ms. Sheila!

  2. Rainy days makes me feel lazy as in every morning when I woke up I just wanna lay in bed for the whole day and do nothing 😴 I love your ootds ate Sheila! You’re one of my fashion inspo ❤❤ love the skirt & the bag 😻💘 Keep safe & dry Ate Sheila! 💋

  3. Truuee, rainy days limit the activities that you can do and sometimes leads in cancellation of work duties. Hayyyyy. Im really inspired with your fashion Ms. Shiela, especially mixing clothes that come up to OOTD ones, I can do this style during rainy days. BTW, have a safe day Ms. Shiela 😊

    1. rainy days won’t stop us wearing our ootd ☺️ although “nakakatamad” sometimes but ootd is life ☺️

  4. We feel the same! Rainy days make me lazy!😂 Just want to lie in bed and read/watch. Love this ootds of yours, always!😍

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