SHEIN Wishlist: Rainy Day Season

Rainy days are here so it’s time to put on those jackets and raincoats. My all-time favorite and my go-to wear for this rainy season are denim jackets and blazers. So today, I got you covered as these pieces from Shein will surely keep you warm and dry during the rainy days.

1.  Vinyl Raincoat 

2. Bomber Jacket

3. Long Coat

4. Blazer

5. Denim Jacket

6. Knitted Cardigan

It is always fun to layer clothes during the rainy season but I hate shooting my outfits when it rains when the sky is gloomy and grey. But that doesn’t stop my from dressing up during the rainy season, and all these pieces above are a must in every closet. I hope you guys find this wishlist an inspiration for your next outfit idea for the coming rainy days. Stay safe and dry everyone, and always stay chic and fab!

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