My New Uniform

Dress and sneakers have become my go-to outfit these days and can certainly become my uniform. I really haven’t been able to take new photos of my OOTD lately because of the bad weather here in Metro Manila for the past few weeks.  First, it was typhoon Henry, then typhoon Inday and there’s another one coming in. It is always sad to see people lost their homes in the news while here I am complaining about photos. (Sorry if I sound so insensitive, please stay safe and dry everyone.) Well, I haven’t finished the continuation of my previous blog yet. So here’s a quick outfit post for you guys instead.

I’ve been filing up my closet with dresses lately and these dresses have become my uniform of some sort. I simply match it with chunky sneakers, which are hot right now, by the way.

This cute white mini dress is actually from one of my favorite online shop, Shein. I love the black button details and it simply goes perfectly well with my new favorite vintage Chanel belt bag. Dress and sneakers are my ultimate obsessions right now so do expect to see me wear tons of one piece dresses in my next outfit posts.

Outfit details:  Dress from Shein (shop it here), Shoes from Adidas (Yeezy 500), Belt Bag is a vintage Chanel, Sunnies from Nicole Syjuco

I know you guys have been waiting for part two of “My Journey To Motherhood” blog but I haven’t actually finished writing it since I have been busy taking care of Riley now, and I am proud to say that I have been completely hands-on with him. And I must admit I panic every time he cries but thanks for our Pediatrician plus my family and friends who are just a chat and call away.

Promise, I will finish it soon and allow me to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read it and for sending in all your sweet and positive messages and comments. I wasn’t expecting it to have that impact to many of you women who have shared the same experience as I did or going through a similar path now. I have so much to say, so until then.

Thanks for dropping by today guys. Take care!

4 thoughts on “My New Uniform

  1. You still look Gorgeous and fabulous in this outfit Ms. Shiela. I always admire your fashion taste. And enjoy your Motherhood journey, Riley is proud to have a mother like you 💓

  2. This looks comfy and nice. Love the way you flaunt your ootd. God bless you always Ms. Sheila☺️

  3. I hope I’m as tall as you! Sneakers are also candy to my eyes, however I don’t buy them. I have few gifts from Fam and I’m not using it at all. I feel so conscious looking short wearing sneakers. BTW I’m only 5’0 😶

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