Riley’s First Photoshoot and 4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Newborn Photographer

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to have a newborn photo shoot for Riley Scott as soon as he is born. So months prior for his due date, I was already on the lookout for newborn photographers in the Metro and found three until I decided on the perfect one for us.

There were four things that I needed to consider when I chose the photographer for my baby.

  • First of all, the photographer should be an expert in handling newborn babies, I mean you wouldn’t wanna risk having your baby getting injured during the photo shoot right? Newborn babies are so delicate. I was even so afraid the first time I carried Riley. I think it’s a plus if the photographer has kids of their own coz you are pretty sure he or she knows how to carry a baby. So photographers experience and your baby’s safety is a priority.
  • Second, the style and quality of photos. Check their portfolio online if their style of photography is what you are looking for.
  • Third, the location of the studio. Not only it needs to be sanitary but the place should be not too busy or crowded as maybe in the mall since it’s not good to expose your newborn baby to lots of people.
  • Fourth, is your budget. Photoshoots can be expensive so you need to work with a photographer that fits your budget. If a home service option is within your budget then that is great too.

Before Riley came out I have already made a thorough research on the best and have considered all four requirements. Wilvin Ang of Luxe Photo Studio was my perfect choice. I have seen his work online and was really captivated by how he shoots newborn babies. He is a father of four and his home studio was just 5minutes away from my our place so it was a perfect fit.

Doesn’t Riley look so adorably cute in all the photos? I was so happy with all the pictures especially our first ever family photo. Wilvin was so wonderful to work with along with his nanny who handled Riley so pretty well during the shoot. They were both very knowledgeable on how to handle, carry, and position babies.

These photos will be treasured forever and it always gives me so much joy looking back at it and one day maybe showing it to our grandchildren. My husband Ryan is not a fan of the camera but he was glad he did this shoot with us.

I would really recommend having newborn shoots for your baby too if given a chance. Wilvin said the perfect time to shoot newborn babies is within the first two weeks. We shoot Riley at 16days old because I was still waiting for Ryan to come flying back to Manila with us. But Riley was an angel, he did cry a couple of times since he really wanted to sleep and we kept on moving him around. All in all the shoot lasted for four hours that includes feeding and diaper changes in between. It was a memorable experience for us.

Well, I hope you like this post guys. Until next time! Have a great day!


Photo by Wilvin Ang of Luxe Photo Studio



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