Review: The Kiddi Company Play Mats

This play mat from The Kiddi Company came perfectly on time since my baby is now ready for his tummy time. And it is also a great addition to Riley’s room. This mat serves as our play area in his room. And soon enough Riley will start learning how to crawl and then make his first steps on this mat.

If you are looking for unique kiddie mats or play mats for your kid’s room and tired of the usual alphabet design you see in the market then look no further. The Kiddi Company got the perfect kiddie mats for you that will surely be perfect in your home with their wide selection of design and colors.

I love that you can make 20 different patterns with this mat. It’s like a puzzle, so it can also be a fun activity with your kids as they grow older. It’s thicker and sturdier than the regular play mats in the market at 10mm thick and is tested safe for babies based on European Safety of Toys.

This is our favorite pattern.

photo by Shayla Sanchez
photo by Shayla Sanchez

As a mom, I would totally recommend this kiddie mat from The Kiddi Company. The mat doesn’t have any strong smell unlike some other mats in the market. I only choose the best and the safest stuff for my son. And this one is one of them.

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  1. I wish I had this when I was a baby😂 It keeps the Riley safe and comfortable❤️ Riley’s so adorable!!❤️❤️

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