Biker Shorts Trend + Where To Shop

Remember my previous blog about cycling shorts here? Well, this trend never left and as usual, Kim Kardashian and her sisters made this style even more popular as they are spotted wearing these biker shorts countless times. And of course the Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella as well.

If you have been following me on my Instagram then you’ve seen me wear biker shorts a couple of times. But if you have not then here are some of the looks I have sported wearing biker shorts. I love wearing it with blazers or jackets and some sneakers or heels.

Outfit details: Biker shorts from Forever21, Blazer from Zara (old, got it on sale), Top from Izia Clothing, Yeezy 500 Shoes from Adidas, Bag from Chanel

Outfit details: Matching Crop top and Biker shorts from Forever21, Adidas Track Jacket from Beauty Stash, Yeezy 500 from Adidas, Bag from Chanel

Outfit details: Oversized shirt from Zara, Biker shorts from Robinsons Department store, Shoes from Aldo, Bag from Miumiu, Sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere

Outfit details: Blazer from Zara, Top and Denim shorts from Forever21, Shoes from Aldo, Bag from Chanel, Sunglasses from Someday Somewhere

Outfit details: Bf-Shirt from Zara, Denim shorts from Forever21, Belt bag from Fendi (order from Beauty Stash), Shoes from Zara

There are so many many different types of biker short and the most popular one is the black one. You can buy this at your local department store in the swimsuit or sports section. I actually got one from Robinsons Department store with a brand called Body and Music and it cost me p180 pesos only. Now that’s a steal, right? You can also find cotton jersey biker shorts at H&M, they have it in black and white. Then there’s Forever21 who has so many different kinds of biker shorts, from jersey, to cotton, to denim. As you can see, most of what I am wearing is from Forever21.

Here’s a tip, if you have old black leggings or skinny jeans in your closet, you can just make a DIY by cutting it off. 

This post is for all of you who have been asking where I got my biker shorts. So there, I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know in the comments section below if you love or hate this trend.  Thanks for dropping by today guys. And have a wonderful day!

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