Review: Baby Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

I was so glad that CEO Emporium introduced me to this brand, Baby Tula. CEO Emporium is the Philippines exclusive distributor of Tula and other popular brands like Ju-Ju-Be.

Back when I was still in Manila a couple of months ago, I was actually looking for a baby carrier for Riley when he was still at 3weeks old but most of the carriers I saw in the mall are either for ages 3 or 6months up or the material was not that good. I also didn’t want the sash baby carrier coz I want an easy one that I can slip my baby inside without figuring out how to wrap Riley around me securely.

This Baby Tula Free-To-Grow came right before Riley turned 3 months old. And I really enjoyed using this especially when it’s my nanny’s day-off. I mean, where was this a month ago when I had no nanny for two weeks. I love that I can be hands-free while Riley is snug on my chest. I love using this when he is already sleepy and wants a warm hug from mama. Oh yes, I dance and bounce my way to put Riley to sleep at night.

Baby Tula Free-To-Grow features a front facing in and back carry option for your baby. It comes in a wide range of prints and color, and I got the “Bolt” print design. It comes with a removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep, protect from sun or wind, and allow for comfortable breastfeeding. It can be machine washable.

Baby Tula’s soft structured ergonomic canvas carriers, or buckle carriers is what made this brand popular to moms out there. Tula Soft Structured Carriers are one of the safest carriers in the market. It provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body.

5 Reasons Why I love Tula Free-To-Grow

  1. It’s very easy to use and can fit newborn babies weighing 7 lb without an infant insert. 
  2. The fabric is soft and comfortable on the skin, Riley loves it! Made from 100% cotton canvas and quality fabrics
  3. I love that I can be able to use this until Riley is 3-4years old with its maximum weight capacity of 45 lbs. 
  4. The quality is very good so it gives you your money’s worth. 
  5. I can work around the house or travel with my baby handsfree.

I love the added front pocket where I can easily reach for my fone or keys. 

Photographed here with my nephew Macallan Sebastian. 

Riley now weighs 16.5 lb so this Tula Free-To-Grow baby carrier is such a big help for me. I can just carry him around the house while being able to prepare food in the kitchen or drink a glass of water. Baby carriers like this are a mom’s best friend. This is also a great alternative for strollers, especially when traveling with a baby.

Riley and I love our Tula and would totally recommend it to all the mommies out there. You can check out other Tula carriers at CEO Emporium, here.

Thanks for dropping by today guys and I hope you find this post helpful.

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