Mama Diaries: First Time Mom

Becoming a mom is one of those moments that I have been waiting for my entire married life. Although I really wasn’t sure if I was fully equipped with all the tools and knowledge there is about being a mom, I know that I was ready in my heart, body, and soul, so when Riley came out, my motherly instincts eventually and naturally just kicked in. It was truly loved at first sight the moment I lay my eyes on him. I can’t stop staring at my son during the first few weeks (well, until now actually) and I just wanna kiss and hold him all the time.

The day we came home from the hospital marks the start of me and Ryan as parents to Riley Scott. No more nurses to assist us, we were on our own. And honestly, we got a little scared and actually couldn’t believe we now have a baby, after what we have been through. (Read about it here and here)

So okay, clearly no one warned me about how a baby boy’s pee goes out like a water fountain so we had our share of having pee and poops all over hands and even to our faces and hair. I was totally not prepared for that one but it sure was a fun and memorable experience. By this time I have somehow mastered the art of changing diapers. Hahah!

Here’s what I do, I cover his “birdie” with reusable breast pads (you can use any cloth or tissue if you wish) to avoid getting peed on while changing diapers especially when he poops. I also insert a new diaper under the soiled diaper before actually changing it. I first remove the back side and upon lifting the front, I slowly cover with the new diaper and I think this trick works pretty well. Who else here does that? I bet a lot! Huh?

Thank God for my family and friends who were just a chat away when I needed some help. And Riley’s pediatrician was also just a text and call away. I am so lucky too that Riley isn’t such a cry baby. He just cries whenever his hungry (every two hours) and whenever his diaper is full. I think there was just one time he got so colicky one night when he was still about two weeks old. And no matter what we do, he just wouldn’t stop crying so I was really in panic mode I texted his pediatrician told me about the 5S of soothing babies. Swaddle, Side or Stomach Position, Shush, Swing, and Suck. You can read more about it here.

One of the most challenging parts of motherhood is bathing your baby. I had to ask my mom and my sisters’ tips on how to and even watched a how-to video on Youtube just so I will be able to do it right. I really got scared but I had help with our nanny. Newborn babies are so delicate. After a few days, I got the hang of bathing Riley. Using purified water and mild soaps are so important.

Being a hands-on mom from day one is no easy job. I salute all the moms out there. You all deserve a pat on the back and a day at the spa and a shopping spree too. Hahaha! I’m thankful that I have a yaya (nanny) to help me, especially when there are really days that you just can’t open your eyes anymore coz you only had two to four hours of sleep a day. I was totally sleep deprived during the first couple of weeks so I ended up losing a lot of weight fast.

Riley sleeps with me and Ryan during night time, and hubby was really helping during the first week even if he had no idea on how to carry or take care of a baby. (You did wonderful babe, I love you.. we love you so much!) I usually sleep during the day when the yaya is in our room to take care of Riley but I still can’t resist not getting up when he cries.

I really don’t know how my mom did it without a nanny before. Plus, there are no disposable diapers back then, just reusable cloth, I could just imagine the struggle. My mom is such a supermom. I am so lucky to have supportive parents. They flew to Manila to visit us and always making sure we are doing good and well taken care of.

We really waited until Riley turned 6 weeks old and had clearance from his pediatrician until we flew him home here in Butuan. We took the earliest flight home at 4:55 AM and so we didn’t time to sleep the night before since we left the house at 1:30 AM and we had a bunch of baby stuff with us. We also wanted to be settled at the airport early since we are bringing a baby for the first time. Luckily Riley slept the whole time from the car, at the airport and on the plane ride. I carried him the whole time during the flight and didn’t mind my arms getting numb. He was such an angel. I fed him during takeoff and landing so he won’t feel the air pressure in his ears, so he didn’t cry during the flight at all.

At two months old, I already started reading to books to Riley. At first, he didn’t like it but after a while, he loved it. He just sits and stares at the book and listening to my voice. This is one of my favorite daily activity with him. We read three books every day and will definitely continue doing until he gets older.

It was such a great feeling being able to come home to Butuan with our newborn baby. It felt like a dream and I had to pinch myself that I am really now a mother and Riley is part of our lives. My parents took care of him as soon as we arrived since me, hubby and yaya had zero sleep.

We were finally able to use his nursery where he will stay during the day and we had the co-sleeper in the master bedroom where he will spend the night with us. We really felt that he loves his room because he was so curious looking around the ceiling, walls and the lights while constantly smiling.

It felt so good to be home and finally, our house doesn’t feel empty. We are now a family of three. To God be the Glory!

Riley will be turning four months old on the 13th. Yes, How time flies. The photos above are taken when he was still three months old photographed by the amazing Shayla Sanchez. So until my next Mama Diary guys. Thanks so much for dropping by today. Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Waaahhh enjoy every moment with Riley, Mommy Sheila! You will surely miss the times that he will do that fountain pee move and all the messy pooping! And a big round of applause for the diaper changing mastery hahaha! All moms ata skill na yun!!!

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