Product Review: Esqido Mink Eyelashes & Glue

Eyelash on fleek? Wearing false eyelashes completes any makeup look. It just simply makes your eyes look more alive. And compared to lash extensions, wearing mink eyelashes, give you the option to wear different styles of lashes depending on your event or the occasion. So I always find it more fun and requires less maintenance to wear mink eyelashes.

Today, I am writing a review of mink lashes from Esqido that was sent to me to try on and write a review. I was instantly attracted to their beautiful collection of eyelashes from the website here. When my parcel arrived, my expectation was met. the

I am so in love with this ESQIDO eyelash glue as well. It is so easy to use and the packaging is so pretty. I love the rose gold cap bottle. I would really recommend these guys. The glue applicator makes it so easy to use.

Four Reason Why I love Esqido Mink Eyelashes

Lightweight and Comfortable

Their mink eyelashes are ultra-soft and comfortable. Compared to other false eyelashes that I tried before, these are lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy or doesn’t feel like you have like a butterfly standing on your lashes.

Easy To Wear

Handcrafted with a soft cotton band, they’re super flexible and easy to apply, even for beginners and someone like me who rarely uses false eyelashes. I use it with their glue and it was so easy to apply. The first time I wear this was me on this photo and my sister Steph applied it and did my makeup here. It took her just seconds to apply.

Versatile Styles

Esqido has a variety of designs to choose from, there are short, long, elegant or dramatic mink false lashes. There also the choice of light volume, medium volume, and full volume lashes. They have the perfect lashes for any occasion.


It claims to be reused up to 25 times. When I removed it from the second time I wore it, it was still in really good shape, unlike other ordinary falsies that are only good for one-time use coz it will be deformed upon removing it. I just easily put it back to its case and ready for the next makeup session. The price may be more expensive compared to some other mink eyelashes in the market today but if you divided it by 25 times, then it’s totally worth it. The quality is ready great.

Wearing Esqido BFF mink eyelashes.

Makeup by my sister Stephanie Dy.

That’s it for today guys. Sorry for being MIA. Been busy with my baby for the past couple of weeks. And currently preparing my sons’ Christening cake too, yes I am making his 3 tiered fondant cake. I promise to be more updated next month. By the way, have you guys subscribe to me and my sisters YouTube channel yet? If not, please do subscribe here and give our videos a thumbs up.

Thanks so much for dropping by today guys! Have a great week ahead!

You guys can check out more styles of mink eyelashes from Esqido here. I think I’m gonna get Little Black Lash next for a light volume lash that’s perfect for everyday look.

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.*

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