Ukay Ukay Outfit Challenge – 4 Looks For 500 Pesos

It has been a year since my last Ukay Ukay outfit post. Sorry, I failed on posting my Ukay Ukay monthly series coz as most of you know, I had Riley so I wasn’t able to go thrifting until recently with my sister for our Vlog and YouTube Channel here.

My sister Steph and I decided to do a “500 Pesos Ukay Ukay Outfit Challenge” for our Vlog. We were to find as many outfits as we can be given the said budget. We went to four different thrift shops around Butuan City one Sunday afternoon. Took us about an hour and a half to complete the challenge. Well, I think we both nailed it since we found 4 outfits each under 500 pesos.

Find out for yourself by watching our video below and tell us how you like our outfits by leaving a comment there. We had so much fun doing this challenge. Hope you like our video!

On me: Vintage Blazer & Biker shorts are both from Ukay Ukay (thrifted), Shoes from Aldo, Belt bag from MiuMiu. On Steph: Dress and Blazer both from Ukay Ukay (thrifted), Shoes from Zara, Belt & Bag from Gucci 

On me: Jumpsuit from Ukay Ukay (thrifted), Shoes from Asos, Bralet from Calvin Klein, Bag from Chanel. On Steph: Top and jeans both from Ukay Ukay (thrifted), Shoes from Zara, Bag from MiuMiu


Cleary fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are in a tight budget and need a new outfit. Thrifting or going Ukay Ukay shopping is for you. Hope this post inspired you guys in any way. I guess it all boils down to the styling of clothes and with the right attitude, you can make a forty pesos (less than a dollar) outfit look like a hundred or a thousand bucks like this jumpsuit I am wearing above. Watch the full video by clicking the link above to see the rest of the outfits my sister and I put together or click here.

Thanks for dropping by today guys. Hopefully, I can update my blog every week now. Meantime please do subscribe to our Youtube channel (here) as my sister and I upload new videos every week. Have a great day!

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