Kidoozi: Where I Shop Online For Baby/Kid Stuff

When you become a mom, you barely have time for yourself and let alone have time to go shopping at the mall. Online shopping is always the most convenient way for me and I am sharing with you guys today one of my favorites, and my go-to online shop for all my baby needs, Kidoozi got almost everything you need from the most basic stuff for newborns up to your baby’s toddler years.

If you guys are new to, then let me tell a little about this online shop for kids that was made by parents. Founded by two moms, who want what is best for their kids and practically what their kids need and want. From feeding bottles, bibs, onesies, toys and cribs, you name it they practically have everything and just a click away and delivered right at your door step.

My first ever purchase from Kidoozi is the Arm’s Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper that I got two months before my son was out. They delivered it within a week. And I have been using the co-sleeper since day one and it has been one of my best buys as a new mommy.

I love that I can just easily reach out for my baby especially at night time and know that he is safe inside the crib. This co-sleeper is also perfect for our room coz it doesn’t take a lot of space and it is also portable. I must admit that I sleep like a helicopter, I always hit my husband’s face and chest during my sleep. So having a co-sleeper like this Arm’ Reach is the perfect and safest way for my baby to sleep in just right beside me. I think I will be using this one until Riley outgrows it.

Here is my second and third shopping haul from Kidoozi. I find everything very useful to me and would absolutely recommend to all other mommies out there.

I got Riley this very useful Iflin 2in1 Burp and Bib pads which is one of my favorite. I love that it has a strap so you will never drop it no matter how much you move around when carrying your baby.

I also bought ourselves this UV light toothbrush holder and sterilizer and a pocket-size sterilizer which was so useful during our recent trip to Manila.

I also got this Mombella Octopus teether which Riley loves.  And since Riley will start eating solids in a few weeks, I got this Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon and this orange Grabease fork and spoon.

Lastly this Arevo 3D Pop-Up card, that got me so amazed. If you have been following me on my Instagram then you have probably seen how it works in my IG stories. I will be uploading a video soon for you guys and show you how this works on my Instagram and guess what? I will be giving away another box to one lucky reader/follower. Kids will surely love this one and at the same time, it’s very educational. #SheilovesGiveAway

I must say that my hauls are worth every penny. Kidoozi is definitely one of my favorite online shops for baby and kids stuff. They carry the best brands and has a wide selection.

Living in a small town like Butuan City where baby products like these are not easily available, and we only have limited baby stores around here. So shopping online is my best option for me and thank God for website like Kidoozi coz I don’t have to travel far and just shop right at the comfort of my home for what Riley needs.

I hope you guys find this post helpful especially since it’s Christmas season. If you need to buy gifts for your Godchildren or nephews and nieces, I think you should check out And for all the other mommies out there, hope you love this post from one mommy to another.

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