Mama Diaries: Riley’s Baptism

My son got baptized into the Christian world last October 27th, 2018, which took me over two months to plan and prepare. His full name is Riley Scott Dy Tiu, well, as most of you already know that. We want his initials to be RST, R from my husbands’ name Ryan and S from my name Sheila. And yes, it does sounds like the famous director’s name Ridley Scott (Haha).

For the planning, I started out by thinking of a theme. Ever since Riley was born I have this obsession with elephants so I chose that for the theme and for the color, I wanted it in shades of gray, blue and white. And there was no doubt on who’s gonna make the cake, so that will be me of course. My initial idea and sketch for the cake was a 3 layer elephant themed cake but then I changed it at the last minute and went for a more sophisticated design rather than a kiddie cake design (I’ll just save that thought for Riley’s Birthday).

I had a customized invitation made according to my chosen theme. This design is actually one of the photo frames in Riley’s room. So I just basically handed out the design to my invitation maker (Potter’s House) and had five revisions until I had it printed out.

For the giveaways, I had a custom made all natural soap molded into this cute elephant in blue color by Katha Aromatics. And for Riley’s godparents and our family members, I had an individual custom wooden box with acrylic covers(by Calligraffi) full of goodies.  There’s a customized mug (also from Calligraffi), a hand sanitizer, mint balm, mosquito repellant and the elephant soap (all from Katha Aromatics). I just love anything personalized, it just makes every gift special, doesn’t it?


We decided to have Riley baptized when he was four months and two weeks old since we were planning to take him to Manila, to consult an Allergologist and a Pediatric Dermatologist about his eczema. People say that it is best to travel your baby when they are already baptized aside from being vaccinated and that’s what we did.

Here are some photos from Riley’s baptismal day.

Getting Ready

He woke up from a two hours nap and so he was all giddy and happy to be dressed up. Riley loves the camera.

Riley’s Baptismal Outfit is from Nordstrom (shop is here), Shoes (here).

Baptismal Ceremony

(Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel)

Shoutout to Riley’s Grandaunt Helen (That’s her in the blue dress) for helping us with the chapel requirements. You’re the best Siko!

Riley was such a cutie that day, he didn’t cry at all during the ceremony. He was so happy and cheerful. He even laughs at the priest when he started singing. He was so behave and just kept on smiling the whole time we were at the chapel. Priceless!

Thank you, Godparents! Riley is so blessed to have all you as his Godparents

With my in-laws and friends. 

With Ivy, Rhyn and Michelle.


(Watergate Boutique Hotel Convention, Butuan City)

With my best friends Sheryll, Katherine, and Antong. (Thank you, ladies, for flying from Cebu and driving from Davao.)

Flowers and decor by Soljin Robles of S Team Events.
Customed made coordinates by Philipp Tampus
A big thank you to this beautiful lady beside me, one of my dearest friend, Goodjay, for helping me out with the planning, and shipped the customed giant elephant that I wanted all the way from Cebu. 
With my sister, Stephanie, and our little boys. 
With Riley’s Godparents. Thank you for showering Riley with your love, thoughtfulness, and presence. (shoutout to my blogger bestie Nicole Syjuco and husband Miguel for flying from Manila just to be with us.)

The Cake

I made a three layered blue, gray and white marble design cake with edible gold leaf and giant bows. Took me a week to finish this cake. (By the way, to my Butuan readers, I’ll be accepting cake orders starting January 2019)

Riley Scott is so blessed to be surrounded with the people who are dear to our hearts. We thank God every day for giving him to us. He brought so much joy and light into our lives. Beyond grateful for this gift called motherhood.

Hope you like today’s post guys and sorry it took me a while to compile from the hundreds of photos which some I just kept private. Do follow me on my Instagram @sheiladytiu to watch the video from this baptismal celebration. Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!


Photos by: Clint Canete

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