Mama Diaries: Flying With A Baby (Riley’s 2nd Airplane Ride)

 Hey guys, as I’ve mentioned from my previous blog post that we were planning to fly Riley back to Manila to consult an Allergologist and a Pediatric Dermatologist (since there are none here in Butuan) for his eczema, and we actually did go to Manila a few weeks ago and boy it was somewhat a stressful plane ride. Riley’s first airplane ride was way easier and that was when he was still six weeks old. It was that time when we flew back home here in Butuan from Manila where he was born. He practically just slept throughout our trip.

I prepared and packed all of Riley’s stuff that I needed to bring on the plane for him to play with in case he cries or gets fussy. I literally filled one big luggage of all Riley’s stuff (pillows, blankets, clothes, bibs, burp pads, etc.) and two hand-carried diaper bags, one for his feeding bottles, diaper and clothes, and the other one for all his toys, books and teethers. Packing when you’re traveling with a baby is not easy, well, at least for me but maybe not for some mommies out there. I actually did the packing a week before our flight to make sure I don’t forget anything. But actually ended up forgetting something (his shampoo) that I ended up buying a new one when we arrived in Manila, so no worries.

Everything went smoothly from the time we left the house heading to the airport and check-in since Riley had a good nap before our 1:20 PM flight (which got delayed for 30 minutes by the way). Well, not until we got on board the plane. He started to get fussy and started crying. I gave him milk so he won’t feel the air pressure on his ears but he won’t drink his milk. So he was literally crying for 30 minutes from the time the plane took-off. I was with my husband, my mom, and a nanny but he just won’t stop crying no matter what we do until he fell asleep. I feel so bad and helpless. Some passengers were really staring at us but some were really kind enough to understand that Riley is just a baby and that it’s okay for him to cry.

Riley slept through the rest of the flight and I gave him milk while he was still sleeping prior to landing coz the air pressure is gonna be on again and it might hurt his ears and drinking will help him ease the pressure. He woke up right before we disembark the plane and he was already in a good mood. He’s curious little eyes were wandering around the surroundings and was so behave from the car ride from the airport going to our place.

Touchdown Manila! Our trip went well as planned. Two doctors appointment, a couple of trips to the mall, a lot of dining out, and a little shopping. Bought Riley new books to read. I really didn’t have time to shop for myself anymore. It was all Riley stuff. I guess my priorities have changed now that I have become a mom. People told me that before, and I didn’t believe it until now.

More photos below to sum up our short trip.


The flight back home was way better but still, he threw a little tantrum for 10minutes upon boarding the plane until he fell asleep. But the plane wasn’t able to take off on time because of the airport congestion. It took about an hour for our plane take-off which got me pretty anxious but thanks all the books and toys I brought on the plane he got so busy playing and reading that he was in a good mood the whole flight until we landed in Butuan. Now that’s a relief.

I don’t know how other moms do it with 2 or more children. I bow down to you mommies. I’m not complaining or anything, I just appreciate all the moms who dedicate their time to their little ones and being hands on.

I salute all the moms out there who travel alone with their baby or kids. I mean it’s was easier for me coz I wasn’t traveling alone. My husband carried the stroller, my the nanny carried the diaper bag, and my mom carried the toys while I carry Riley. I think I can still manage the situation alone but it’s really is gonna be so hard and be quite a handful. But that’s motherhood and I am not complaining. I am actually loving every moment of it. When your baby smiles, it just takes all the stress away. I couldn’t ask for more this Christmas. So until my next mama diaries guys, thanks for reading!

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