Christmas 2018 (Riley’s First Christmas)

Christmas is truly is the most wonderful time of the year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our savior. And this year, my Christmas couldn’t be more perfect, now that I have my son. So to who needs presents when I got the best Christmas gift ever this 2018. And yes, I am talking about Riley. I am so grateful beyond words that Riley came into the picture. Honestly, I still can’t believe I have a son and being a new mom is still all new to me.

It’s our first Christmas with Riley and he just turned six months 12 days ago. Well, as you can see, he loves the camera just like me, hahaha! I really wanted to cherish Riley’s first Christmas so I took a lot of photos of him. So here are some of the photos I took plus the photos from our Christmas family dinner.

PJ set from Mothercare, Santa doll from Mamas and Papas, Milestone blocks from Amazon.

Christmas shopping this year was actually almost impossible. It was hard for me to find the time to shop and let alone think of what presents to buy but I manage to do a few. I have been so preoccupied with my son specially with only a little help around the house (we don’t have a helper). I guess it’s really different now that we have a baby at home. But promise I will make it up for Christmas 2019. And sad to say I forgot some of my godchildren’s names already, omg, forgive me. Please raise your hand and send me a message if you are one of them. Hahah!

I could still remember when I was a kid being so excited about Christmas, checking if there’s a gift delivery for me from my godparents. And here’s Riley looking so happy unwrapping his gifts. He actually thought the gift wrapper was it! Hahah! He is the youngest grandchild of my parents.

Riley together with his cousins.

Outfit details: Top from Pinkaholic Clothing, Trousers from Uniqlo, Shoes from Zara; On Riley: Shorts and top from Zara, Bib from Mamas and Papas, On Hubby: Uniqlo shirt, Aeropostale jeans, Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers)

With our dogs Pixee, the white Chihuahua, Dustee, the brown Chihuahua, and Miumiu, the Yorkie. Riley was laughing so hard coz Miumiu sneezed when we took this photo this morning. Riley loves our dogs and they love Riley too. Pixee is more of like the protector, Miumiu is very playful, while Dustee is just calm around him. So there, our first family photo together. Remember my Christmas photo with these three cuties last year, here? They were still so tiny then. 

Finally, our first family Christmas card (above photos). I thank the Lord every day for the gift of Love and Family. So happy that my entire side of the family was complete for this years Christmas dinner (private photo), and Riley was the new addition to our growing family.

So that’s it for today guys. Wish you are all surrounded by your family and loved ones this holiday season as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Wishing you all a Blessed and Merry Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays’ guy!

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