UV Sterilizer Comparison (Haenim vs Ecomom) 5 Reason Why I Choose Haenim

A reliable and good quality sterilizer is probably one of the must-have items and probably a good investment for every new mom out there. Eleven years ago, my sister-in-law was using the traditional steaming type of sterilizer when she had my first nephew. I could still remember how time-consuming and how a hassle it was to sterilize my nephew’s feeding bottles. And sometimes you end up burning your hands from the hot steam. The watermarks that leave your bottles makes you want to wash them again. The thought of going thru all that freaked me out so when I had Riley, I made my research on the best and convenient sterilizer and a UV Sterilizer was the one for me.

With a UV sterilizer, you can sterilize anything you want in it. Even your phones, any gadgets, and toys, not just feeding bottles and teether anymore. With just a click of the button, it sterilizes.

There were actually two brands I had in mind for my son’s UV sterilizer. I was torn between Ecomom and Haenim. If you guys have been following me on my Instagram account then you would probably remember that I had a poll if I should get Ecomom or Haenim, and the majority of you guys answered Ecomom. Price wise, there is almost no difference. In the end, I decided to go with the Haenim Smart UV sterilizer over Ecomom and I will tell you five reasons why I did below.

But before anything else, I just want to tell you guys that this post is not sponsored, and let me just say that both brands are really good and the best in the market today. I actually love the modern and sleek design of Ecomom and I was actually contemplating on which brand to buy for months before I actually bought the Haenim Sterilizer at Baby Company in SM Megamall last May 2018. But it all boiled down to a matter of personal preference and I will tell more about it as I explain below my reasons for choosing Haenim.

5 Reasons Why I Choose Haenim Over Ecomom (Haenim vs Ecomom)


I needed a sterilizer that will match my son’s nursery. I knew I will be putting the sterilizer in his room so I can easily put his feeding bottles, teethers, pacifiers, toys inside the sterilizer before handing it over to him. Haenim’s simple white color with matte silver detail perfectly matches my blue, white and gray color scheme. While the white one from Ecomom is only a single UV light sterilizer and their dual UV light was in either Black or Red. But I must admit I was really drawn to the modern and sleek design of the Ecomom, the design is just so cool but then the color won’t match Riley’s nursery.


Side by side, Haenim has more space capacity than Ecomom. I really did put them side by side when I was in the store and because Ecomom has a semi-dome shape top, it made the inside space smaller compared to Haenim’s squarish design.

Storage Button

The “Storage” button feature of the Haenim Sterilizer is a plus. During Riley’s first two months when he only needed a few feeding bottles to be sterilized. I use the sterilizer as a storage cabinet for all his bottles. I can just set it to storage mode and it basically keeps everything inside sterilized for hours. And this is one of the features I love about Haenim. (Just recently, Ecomom come up with a new version of their units and now has this storage feature too, but during the time I bought my sterilizer, this feature was only available for Haenim.)


The filter of this Haenim Sterilizer is located at the back side which can easily be removed and cleaned, unlike the other brand which has a built-in filter inside.


The Bluetooth feature of this Haenim Smart UV sterilizer allows you to operate the sterilizer on your smartphone through an app.  This feature is actually a bonus and the other brand doesn’t have this feature. But honestly, I am not the techie type of person so I haven’t really used this feature ever. Not that I don’t find this feature helpful but I just love operating it manually with just a click of the button.

I wrote this blog to help other new moms find the right sterilizer for them. As a new mom myself, I couldn’t find an article in comparison with the two brands that I have mentioned above. And so I made my own research and now sharing it with you guys. But then it really boils down to your preference as I’ve mentioned above.

Like for one, the design or color of the unit is one of the things I considered when I bought my UV sterilizer. I wanted one that will go with my nursery room color scheme. If I intended to put the sterilizer in our kitchen I would have purchased the red Ecomom coz it will perfectly match my red and black kitchen theme. But I find it more convenient to put the sterilizer up in the nursery so I had to choose this white one from Haenim among the other five reasons I mentioned above. Also, if you have a certain budget, stick to it. But I think this Haenim UV sterilizer is worth every penny I spent. So I hope you guys find this post helpful somehow.

Whatever the brand of your sterilizer is, there’s only one common goal here for us moms, to keep bacteria/germs away from our baby. Thanks so much for reading!


You can purchase Haenim UV sterilizer online at Kidoozi here.


*This post is not sponsored.*

2 thoughts on “UV Sterilizer Comparison (Haenim vs Ecomom) 5 Reason Why I Choose Haenim

  1. Hi, would like to ask if you’ve encountered a mild smell that lingers after sterilization is complete? I’m also torn between Ecomom and Haenim for mostly the same reasons you’ve enumerated. However, i’m wary about the other reviews that mentioned of the smell that comes from the sterilization using the Haenim 3rd Gen Sterilizer.


    1. Hi! The only time I experienced a smell was when I sterilized my sons talking elephant toy which has a combined composition of faux fur, silicon, and different types of plastics. But other than that, there’s none at all. There’s no smell when I sterilize his bottles, teethers, and bowls. So far, I have no complaints with my unit. Although I didn’t put the toys back inside anymore coz I think it was the plastic silicon or the batteries inside that have a smell when I sterilized it. I just use the portable UV care for some of my son’s toys now. Thanks for asking.

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