Summer Outfit for 20 & 50 pesos

Yes, these outfits are only at twenty and fifty pesos. My sister and I went for another ukay-ukay (thrift shopping) and try-on haul for our vlog and this time was to find summer outfits. Some of our viewers/followers suggested that we try to shop at this shop in Gsub Building in Guinggona Subdivision, that’s called Josie’s Imported Clothing. The price range for clothes was from 10, 20, 35 and 50. Now that a good deal right? We usually go thrifting on a Sunday but since this particular store is closed on Sundays we went there on a weekday and it did not disappoint. We were so happy with what we found although we must admit that we had a hard time finding these pieces because of the huge pile of clothes on the tables. But that’s what ukay-ukay is all about.

So here are the outfits that we thrifted and we just styled em up to look chic. Hope you like them. Watch our vlog for full details of the look. Video link down below.

My white linen midi dress is p20, and my sister’s eyelet midi dress is p50. Sandals from Zara. Basket bag from Mango. Woven bag from Bali.

Watch our video to see full prices/details of our outfit. 

This denim jacket and the white linen dress above are my favorite pieces from this haul.

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