Photobook: Your Precious Photos In A Book

I have finally found the best way to store our precious photos. What better way to have your keepsake photos printed into a premium quality book where you can fully personalize it too. So happy I came across Photobook Philippines on Instagram and saw that they offer a lot of products on their website. You can actually have your photos make not only into a Photobook but into calendars, canvas or photo frames, mugs, home decors and many more.

I actually have a couple more projects lined up waiting to be printed into a Photobook. This one right here is my first book from them where I had compiled all professionally photographed photos of my family and mostly my son’s photos.

I love that in their website, you can choose from the many layouts/designs like milestones for your baby, your travels, birthday, weddings, or just about anything as there is also a blank book option where you can fully personalize your Photobook. You can also choose the size of the photobook and the number of pages.


Making your first photobook might be overwhelming at first coz you just want to put all the photos in one book. But I suggest you categorized your photos first before actually making one. That way you are saving time and it’s easier for you to lay them out. Like categories photos by folder, like for my project example, I have Riley’s baptism, Riley’s milestone, my family’s travels, and so on.

Make sure you are me on Instagram @sheiladytiu coz I might just have a giveaway in collaboration with Photobook Philippines. Stay tuned!

Check out Photobook Philippines here to know more about their products, services, and latest promos. It is so easy to make one. All you need to do is to drag and drop photos and voila, you wait for 2-5days for your Photobook to arrive at your doorstep. Mine arrived 5 days from the date of the order, and it arrived sealed with a protective envelope.

I will totally recommend this to anyone who loves taking photos, especially for moms like me who wants to cherish every milestone of their baby. I mean I know I am not the only one who has thousands of photos of their baby in their phone right now, right? This is definitely a great idea to treasure all those captured memories.

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