Walking Wings Baby Walker

How time flies, Riley just turned eleven months old last Monday. He is already busy pulling himself up to a standing position while holding on to something. He is so eager to walk, and he loves it when we hold him by his underarms while he takes a couple of steps and even loves stepping up on the stairs.

Thanks to parents who invented this Walking Wings (For Learning To Walk) baby walker, I don’t have to strain my back anymore because I don’t need bend over to hold my son and guide his walk. Now that’s great right? Well, that’s not all. The soft, padded support vest fastens around the baby’s chest and has straps in front and back to help stabilize your baby.

Here’s a little more about Walking Wings or you can read more about it here:

  • Pediatrician recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months)
  • Reduces the number and severity of falls
  • Builds confidence and stability, plus gives a sense of control and freedom
  • Reduces back strain for parents
  • 100% cotton, machine washable, and dryer safe

Just take a look at how Riley is so confident about walking with his hands free from the photos above. Walking wings gives your baby more freedom to move around with you to guide them from behind. I really love using Walking Wings whenever we are out or even when we are just at home. Walking Wings is available online at Baobaobabies.com or you can also visit their shop in Cebu. I would totally recommend this to moms reading this, especially if you don’t want to strain your back. Problem solved!

Thanks for dropping by today guys and I hope you find this post helpful. Have a great weekend! 

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