Mama Diaries: My First Mother’s Day

I know mother’s day was over a month ago but since it’s my first mother’s day this year, I thought I’d document it here on my blog as I have tons of photos during the shoot I did with my mom and sister on Mother’s day.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, exactly on Mother’s day that I had scheduled a photo shoot for my mom, my sister and I with Carlo of Red Epic Productions. I just wanted to have some good photos to keep on my first mother’s day celebration together with my mom and sister. And I am really so glad that we did it. Photos are the best keepsakes. My son is growing up so fast, I practically have over 7,000 photos of him on my phone. 

I never knew that this day would still come. As some of you know, my motherhood journey wasn’t easy. If you guys are new to my blog, you better read my previous blog about my journey to motherhood Part1 here and Part2 here.

Sharing with you guys some of my favorite photos during our shoot. 

My first Mother’s day celebration thanks to this little dumpling! Motherhood truly is an amazing gift and I am beyond grateful because it wasn’t an easy journey for me to become a mother. I know for some of you, Mother’s day can be quite hard because I was once in your shoes battling with the desire, pressure, and dreaming of becoming a mom one day.

Let me just remind you to never give up, and that there’s is always a perfect time for everything. Know in your heart that you are already a mom for you are already making sacrifices to the countless visits to the doctors, the hundreds if not thousands of needles you take, and the countless pain you go through just to bring your future baby into this world. You are already a supermom to your future child, and for that, you are also celebrated on this special day and let it be Mother’s day all year long. Let’s us spread love and prayers. Happy Mother’s day once again!


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