Honest REVIEW: Yves Rocher France ANTI-AGE GLOBAL

How does one age gracefully? Is there a book manual we should follow on how we are supposed to age? I know most of us women squeals on the inside every time someone asks for our age, especially once we passed the number 30. Don’t deny it, coz I was one of them. Aging can be quite a sensitive topic to discuss for some people but that is just the inevitable so we just have to embrace the journey in the most positive manner.

I must say, that I have been gifted with a very good skin when I was younger, so it wasn’t until I was in my thirties I started taking care of my skin and actually using skin care products because I thought I actually didn’t need it before. But I was totally wrong and regret not starting as young and as my early twenties. I should have pampered my then youthful skin and made an effort to maintain it’s glow. Once I hit 30 my skin became dry and noticed signs of skin aging such as visible fine lines on my forehead and wrinkles. That’s when I started using all these anti-aging creams in the market today and always excited to try new product innovations.

Yves Rocher France sent me their full range of Anti-Age Global skin care products three weeks ago and I was so excited to try it right away. It is actually my first time to try this brand. Yves Rocher is the number one skincare and makeup brand from France and the creator of botanical beauty since 1959. Yves Rocher key ingredients are from natural and organic botanical plants. They use Gemmotherapy, which is the science of buds that mainly have superior properties compared to adult plants. Their Botanical Beauty researchers went to the core of the plant bud to select a precious Botanical Nectar because of its unique powers of renewal. (More about Yves Rocher here)

I decided to stop all my previous skin care products and try this range exclusively to see how good the results are. I have never actually used a full range of skin care products from just one brand before, it’s actually a combination of brands so this is a first for me to try just Yves Rocher for both my day and night skincare routine. Because 100% of its extracts are botanicals, expect a very pleasant scent of flowers from each of the product. 

Step 1:I prepare my skin with the Yves Rocher Anti-Aging Activation Lotion on my cleansed face and neck. I use facial cotton and damp it with this activating lotion then apply it on my face and neck. Love the fresh moisturizing texture of this lotion that perks up my skin.

Step 2: I apply The Anti-Aging Correcting Supra Essence all over my face and neck. I love how it is easily absorbed on the skin and gives me that tightness feels as soon as it dries up. My skin feels hydrated instantly really true to its claims below even at 3 weeks of use. 

          Benefits: Intensely renewed skin, with all the signs of age corrected.

          Results: Immediately, the skin texture becomes finer, the skin is smoothed and radiant. Day after day, the wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes firmer and the complexion is more uniform. In 1 month, the skin is redefined and revitalized.  

Step 3: The Anti-Aging Illuminating Eye care for my dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. I use it day and night and I love how my eye area looks so fresh when I wake up even if I only have 5 hours of sleep. 

Step 4: The Anti-Aging Beautifying Day Cream and The Anti-Aging Comfort Night Cream  – which is the last step and practically seals the deal to smoothed, radiantly looking and youthful skin.

The Beautifying Day Cream is not greasy but very moisturizing. And even if I top it off with sunscreen and cc cream, my face remains not oily and not heavy at all. I totally agree with their promised on having reduced wrinkles, fine lines and firmer skin day after day. 
Its + : Moisturizing texture with a powdery finish that reveals silky and velvety skin.

The Comfort Night Cream even during the first night that I used it, the melting cloud texture provides immediate and lasting comfort that in the morning when I wake up, my skin looks energized. And now after three weeks, my face and neck looks brighter, firmer and wrinkles appear reduced. I am so happy with the results. I usually use an ample amount of this cream at night because it smells so good and your skin feels so soft right after application.

As a woman and as a mother, I always believe in the saying “Look Good, Feel Good”. No matter how busy I am with my life as a wife, as a mother, as a corporate secretary, as a daughter, a friend and as a woman in general. It is always a must for me to take good care of myself, inside and outside. We shouldn’t feel guilty of having some time to pamper and indulge ourselves into some skin care regimen. Don’t ever feel guilty of taking care of yourself, you deserved it. 

If you are looking for a natural anti-aging skin care product right now that’s effective and inexpensive, you gotta try Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global, it really made my skin brighter, smoother and firmer. And with just two weeks of use, it really fights all signs of aging on my face and neck.  I would totally buy this range once I ran out of it. My skin never looked better. I love it and I totally recommend it to you guys. Thanks for dropping by today, happy weekend! 

Yves Rocher is available online in their Lazada store here  (HURRY! THEY ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE NOW!) or check out their Facebook page to see the complete list of their store location nationwide.  
*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. But I was provided with a free product for me to try out/or review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.*

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