The New JOHNSON’S® Gentlest Range of Baby Products Ever

When it comes to baby products, no brand has been more iconic than JOHNSON’s. They have been the most trusted brand by Parents and Pediatircians for over 125 years. Even my parents trust them coz I was a Johnson’s baby product user when I was little up until high school and then now as a mom myself, I trust it with my only son.

Just recently this month, The new Johnson’s had it’s biggest re-launch to-date, as they showcase it’s gentlest products ever and introduces CottonTouch, a product specially designed for newborn sensitive skin. Johnson’s re-sets baby care standards again with its revamped range now having 50% lesser ingredients, with no parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, petroleum ingredients and fragrance allergens. The new products now have 90% naturally-derived ingredients that have all been purposefully chosen and have undergone a rigorous 5-step safety-assurance process, promising parents greater peace of mind. 

Responding to the ever-changing demands of parents and needs of babies all around the world, JOHNSON’S® made the following changes to its re-formulated line: 

  • Purposeful ingredient choice: JOHNSON’S carefully considered every single ingredient in the range, rejecting over 400 ingredients during the reformulation. All the ingredients lists have been cut in half, with naturally-derived oils like coconut and cottonseed replacing ingredients like mineral oil. The new range is also totally free from parabens, phthalates, and is now also entirely free from sulfates and dyes – only 2% of cosmetic ingredients globally meets these standards of gentleness. 
  • Fragrances designed with mom and baby in mind: Smell, memory and emotion are intimately connected, with decades of research showing that multi-sensory experiences are a key part of happy, healthy baby development. JOHNSON’S® has not only retained the iconic scents for which their classic products are known and loved for and designed to maximize bonding moments between parent and baby, today, all the fragrances are now formulated to be free of allergens, exceeding International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and RIFM global  standards
  • Parent and environment friendly packaging: The new JOHNSON’S® bottles are now equipped with pumps designed for easier and one-handed use for parents, and have also been developed using a patented system that allows the products to be biodegradable, nontoxic and will not bioaccumulate in the environment. 
  • Products specially designed for every age and stage in a baby’s life:With the Company’s unmatched baby and skin care research and knowledge, JOHNSON’S®’s products don’t just simply cleanse and moisturize—each are specially formulated to address special skin needs of babies and to turn moments of care into opportunities to strengthen babies’ connection to their parents and to nurture their healthy development.The new range has been split up into four ‘Ages & Stages’ sub sections, to help parents easily navigate between the products within the ranges. In addition to the originals category there is a range for newborns straight from birth, active babies on the move and independent toddlers. 

Newborn care innovation and the power of a parent’s touch felt through the all-new CottonTouch™

As the pioneer of baby research – 90% of all industry-led baby skin care research has been led by JOHNSON’S® – the brand continues its innovation with the launch of a new line of products specially designed for newborn’s delicate skin. JOHNSON’S® research has shown that a parent’s gentle touch designed to support baby’s delicate skin barrier can affect the chemical make-up of the skin to support a healthy microbiome and armed with this, JOHNSON’S® introduces the all-new CottonTouch™ is the first and only product line especially designed for newborn sensitive skin designed to nurture the baby’s skin microbiome and to maximize touch and engagement during baby-care routines. Scientific research increasingly points to the importance of a healthy skin microbiome for skin barrier function; the infant skin microbiome is delicate and can be highly sensitive to change, with the repeated use of harsh some detergents, soaps, and moisturizers that are not designed to support an infant’s delicate skin disrupting the skin’s barrier function. JOHNSON’S® New CottonTouch™ formula is blended with natural cotton that is ultra-light and hypoallergenic, soft and gentle on the skin, leaving no residue. The entire collection is clinically proven mild and safe from the first day of life for fragile, sensitive newborn skin and designed to maintain the natural pH of an infant’s skin and retaining moisture, to nurture – rather than disrupt – the naturally developing skin microbiome. 

Riley and I have been using the Milk and Rice Bath and the Milk and Oats Lotion for quite a while now. Riley has very sensitive skin and he has Eczema and this Johnson’s Milk and Rice Bath plus the Milk and Oats Lotions has been a great help to his skin. If you have been following my blog and my stories on Instagram then you know how many products we have gone through before actually ended up with Johnson’s that was suited for my son’s sensitive skin. Now we both enjoy taking baths together as we share the same bath and lotion together. Bath time is always our favorite bonding time everyday. (Check out our short video clip here)

If the CottonTouch range would have come sooner for sure it would have been my number one choice when Riley was still a newborn. We were so happy to receive this box of gift from Johnson’s with all the new range of their gentlest products inside. We are now excited to try them all specially the Bedtime Lotion. Thank you so much Johnsons for sending your gentlest baby products ever. We choose gentle. – Love, Riley and Mama Sheila 


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