My First Time To Try Botox And Fillers

Okay, let’s talk about botox and fillers today. I have been thinking about getting botox for the past few years and never felt the need and become ready until recently. During my recent trip to Manila, I went to Dare Clinic by Dr. Jean Marquez for a consultation and for my initial plan to have Botox and Ultherapy. But during my consultation, Dr. Jean Marquez suggested some fillers and I totally agreed and trusted her to do it along with Ultherapy and Botox.

This is actually my first time to do major enhancement or treatments on my face. I have only done RF and Exilis before and I have really been thinking about doing this for the longest time. Watch my full Vlog as I explain to you further and show you how the procedure went down and why I did it.




The undereye fillers really made my face looks fresher while the chin fillers added proportion on my face. I just love the results and so glad I did it. Fillers will last up to one year while Botox will last up to 6 months. 

Thank you for dropping by guys! Stay tuned for my Ultherapy journey up next! Happy Weekend!


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