Mama Diaries: Traveling With My 16-Month-Old Son (Tips On What To Pack)

It’s been a while since my last Mama diaries. And I just felt the need to make one and somehow document this recent family trip to Cebu here on my blog. And of course, share a few tips on how new moms like me should prepare for a flight with their baby or toddler.

Riley was only 6 weeks old when he rode the airplane for the first time. Then his second time was when he was 5 months old. And just last month, we took him to Cebu for a short vacation. My little toddler is 16 months old. I was so worried that he will cry on the plane this time around since he is scared of loud sounds like the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer.

For my experience, traveling light is never an option when you travel with a baby and all the more with children. There so much stuff you need to pack, or is it just me? Well, one thing for sure, I don’t travel light myself. Riley ended up using one of our 20kilos luggage for this trip, coz I need to bring two of his favorite pillows since I don’t think he sleeps easily without them. And of course, you need to pack a couple of extra clothes just in case they get wet from leaking diapers, from puking, from spilling milk and the likes. Riley has sensitive skin so that means I need to bring all his toiletries too. If only I can bring his whole room including a sterilizer I would.

Fly day came, I made sure everything was packed and got everything on my checklist. I got his feeding bottles, extra clothes and diapers in his diaper bag as a carry-on for easy access, plus a backpack where I store all his toys, books and snack that I can easily access during the flight. So I practically need a team to carry all these bags for me right? Well, luckily I’m with my husband, my mom, and a nanny. I also downloaded some of his favorite tv shows on my mobile phone. Yes, I was ready and armed with everything he possibly needs to be calm and entertained for our trip. And it was such a relief that he did enjoy our flight. He was either playing with his toys, eating snacks and watching his favorite shows on my phone most of the time.

What To Bring During The Flight (Checklist):

  • Milk and Water/Feeding Bottle
  • Snacks (baby wafers or biscuits or sandwiches)
  • Toys and books
  • Extra Clothes and diapers
  • favorite pillow or blankie
  • Download his/her favorite tv shows/movie on your mobile phone

One more important tip: Make sure to let your baby drink some milk or liquids during take off and landing to ease the air pressure in his ears. 

My family and I enjoyed our visit to Cebu, we went to Colour Musuen and Cebu Ocean Park as the highlight of the trip. Okay, so have I told you guys that my son, Riley, is a mama’s boy? Well, he is very clingy to me (which I love actually) and that only means, he wanted me to carry him most of the time. Well, there goes my work out. 

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Traveling or going on a vacation with kids is quite frankly not a very relaxing vacation so to speak. This is our first time (my husband and I) to travel with a toddler and we had no idea what we were up against. Well, to make the story short, there was a lot of chasing and carrying involved. Although we brought a nanny, Riley is constantly asking for me for 70% of the time during this trip, I was the one carrying Riley and chasing him at the mall and the airport. He weighs 13.5kilos, and he refused to sit and ride his stroller most of the time.

So the moment we arrived back in Butuan, I was completely knocked out. One of the mommy’s who follows me on Instagram even said that they needed a vacation after taking their twins on a vacation. Like heck yeah! I mean, I applaud those mommies out there who have two or more kids and have no nannies. You deserved a full day at the spa.

Watch our Vlog about this Cebu trip part one here and part 2 here. Thank you so much for dropping by today. Christmas is just around the corner. Bet everyone is excited. Take care guys and hope you like today’s post. 

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