My Updated Nighttime Skincare Routine

I love waking up in the morning to glowing youthful skin. That’s why I always make sure to take care of my skin by religiously doing my skincare routine before going to bed.

Today I will be sharing with you guys my updated skincare routine and the products I use including the SNAILWHITE Gold as my trusted moisturizer. It was last May that I posted a review about SNAILWHITE Gold here this post is somewhat an update of why I’m using it again and why I love it.

Surprisingly a bottle of SNAILWHITE Gold will last you for almost 3 months. I stopped using SNAILWHITE Gold sometime in July to try out a new skincare product (Which I loved too). There’s just so many skincare products in the market today and it’s just really a matter of finding the right one that suits your skin.

As I mentioned in my previous blog/review here. SNAILWHITE Gold fulfills its promise of firmer, youthful and renewed skin. Waking up in the morning to dewy and glowy skin. 

I also love the easy pump bottle of this SNAILWHITE Gold. I think it’s more hygienic than an open bottle where you dip your fingers on the cream. Aside from the bottle, I love the texture of the cream which doesn’t leave my skin oily but dewy. It gives the right amount of moisture on my skin since I have dry and sensitive skin. 

I have been using SNAILWHITE Gold for almost three months straight now and loving how my skin glows. 

My 5 Steps Updated Skincare Routine: (Products use)

  1. Removing all my makeup using Loreal Micellar Water
  2. Cleansing my face with SnailWhite Namu Facial Jelly Wash
  3. Applying Yves Rocher Anti-Global Activating Lotion as my toner
  4. Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum (been using this serum for the longest time, it works well with all the other products I use)
  5. Mad Hippie Eye Cream for my undereye area
  6. Then lastly, SNAILWHITE Gold as my moisturizer.  

Remember, we all have different types of skin, what works for me may not work for you but if you’re looking for an anti-aging moisturizing cream that goes easy on your pocket, SNAILWHITE Gold is worth the try. 

Thanks for dropping by today guys. Have a great weekend and if you are from Butuan, don’t forget to shop my closet at our annual closet bazaar. Happening tomorrow, November 16th and 30th at WealthBank Parking Area (across Butuan Doctors Hospital). We will be open from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Part of the proceeds from this bazaar will go to Hearts for Paws Butuan City  so see you there guys. 

Snailwhite is available in Watsons and Lazada shop.

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