Our Annual Christmas Family Dinner 2019

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I love how we, Filipinos, celebrate Christmas. It’s always a joyous celebration with family, friends and loved ones. For our annual Christmas family dinner, we always celebrate it days or a week before Christmas day since some of our family members will be celebrating Christmas out of town, and this time my brother’s (Jason) family will be in New York and my sister Steph will be in Manila for the rest of the holidays.

We held our Christmas family dinner last December 15th at my parent’s house and booked our trusted photographer, Carlo Dilla of Red Epic, to do our annual family portraits this time around. And guess who the little trouble maker for the photoshoot is? Yes, it’s none other than our little Riley Scott. He had a 3 hours nap so he was super hyper during the photoshoot and just won’t stay still and went running around the house from 4 PM up to 8 PM! Good thing Carlo still manage to get some great shots, although there were a lot more when Riley was trying to get away from us. LOLS.

It was just a simple family dinner. Booked Lime and Zest catering service of Watergate Hotel for our food, Ara Bella for our Grazing Table, some home-cooked recipes prepared by my mom, and of course the famous Butuan Lechon.

I also did some last-minute shopping for our dining table decorations. A mix of mostly new from the old decors we already have in the house. The set up wasn’t even complete and didn’t even manage to get a good photo since I was so busy looking after Riley. But the party was a success, we all had a great time especially the kids when it was time to open their presents.

Our outfit is from H&M except for my top which is from Zara. 

Watch our Vlog for more about what happened that night. I hope you enjoy watching it.  May the Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness fill your hearts this holiday season and throughout the new year. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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  1. I don’t call it simple dinner bongga.i love dinning table arrangement.I noticed Sheila your good decorating you should your talent for business.I love the way you decorate your cakes.

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