My Son’s Favorite Books (Baby and Toddler Books) #RileyReads

I started reading books to my son when he was only three months old. It is one of our favorite daily activities together. I guess he got used to hearing the sound of my voice. At three months old, I only read one to three books to him every night before bedtime. And then at I gradually keep on adding more books as he grows older until we read 5 to 10 and sometimes when even read up to 15books every night because he often read one book five times in one sitting. He has a different favorite book to read every night. If he doesn’t like the book, he wont bother opening the pages.

Watch my Vlog and see how cute Riley is flipping the pages of his favorite books. I also shared with you on the video where I usually buy our books and also featured his favorite books as well.


  • Make it a habit to have book reading everyday, wether in the morning, afternoon or before bedtime.
  • Know your childs interest, as for Riley he loves cars and sea creatures. 
  • Make it fun by making different sounds and voices, be creative when telling a story.
  • Have the books accessible for your child by putting it on a place where he can reach it.

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