How To Dry Flowers: An Easy and Inexpensive Home Decor Project

Well, hello guys! Just thought of sharing with you how I dried the fresh flowers I posted on my Instagram a week ago. A lot of you have been asking about it so here it is.

You can go straight to our Youtube channel here and watch my Vlog for an easy step by step tutorial or you can just read on here, your choice!

A few months ago, I saw Jinkee Pacquiao and Heart Evangelista’s post on their Instagram stories about the beautiful dried flowers they decorated around the house. I got obsessed with it and ordered from three of the flower shops in Manila. But because of the situation, we have right now, shipments and cargos are taking so long than usual. So, since I can no longer wait, I had to take matters in my own hands and experiment on drying flowers myself. Went to the local flower shops here in Butuan. My trusted Cita’s Flower Shop and Soljin Robles S-Team shop never fails. Aren’t the flowers so pretty? I am so happy with how the flowers turned out. It was a success that my mom wanted some for her house too. 

So today, I am happy to share with you how I did it. It is so easy, anyone can do this at home. And it will even cost you nothing if you choose some of the flowers and wine bottles I have around here.

Things You Need For This Project:

  1. Flowers
  2. Rubberbands
  3. Cable Tie or used ribbons
  4. Hanging Rack (Or DIY “sampayan” out of rope)
  5. Vases (wine bottles)
  6. Scissors  

Watch my video for the step by step guide and tips on how to dry your flowers easily.

This project is just so perfect now, especially when we are just stuck at home nowadays. You can just pick out some flowers in the garden without having to buy some. And use empty food jars and wine bottles as vases. The possibilities are endless. 

Well, I hope everyone is safe in their homes and if you got nothing to do today, why not try drying some flowers. It’s such a cute addition to your home decor. Stay safe and stay well everyone. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today, I know it’s been so long since my last post. Hopefully, we can see each other here more often. Take care!

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