Dried Flowers Obsession (Haul)

I’m sure a lot of you guys have seen so many dried flowers all over social media by now. I have also seen a lot of new shops selling dried flowers all over Instagram. And as promised on my previous Vlog, today I am sharing with you my haul from 3 of the shops I ordered from a couple of weeks ago, Pretty Withered, Blooms Artisan, and Moss Manila Home.

What I love about dried flowers is that it will last longer than the fresh flowers thus it saves you some money on flowers. And it has a whole new different vibe to it, don’t you think? Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I am obsessed with it. It’s very earthy, rustic, and yet very beautiful. I love mixing it with my plants as home decorations.

In case you guys missed my previous post here. I showed you how to dry flowers for a fun DIY project in the comfort of your own home. And it is very easy I tell you, anyone can do it and it’s gonna save you money depending on the type of flowers you are going to dry. The only problem I have is getting the type of flowers that I wanted to dry. So I ended up ordering from Manila since I couldn’t find a lot of the pretty ones here in Butuan. It took more than two weeks to arrived here so check out my vlog for the unboxing and more about my haul below. (Or click here)

Lavender and Bleached Ruscus from Blooms Artisan


Assorted dried flowers from Moss Manila Home (see video for the individual names of the flowers)
Eucalyptus, Trigo, and Pampas from Pretty Withered.

By the way, I am not an expert on flowers alright? I just arranged them according to my liking. So I hope this tickles your fancy. Thanks so much for dropping by today and would love to hear about your thoughts by leaving a comment down below. Please stay safe and stay healthy. Hope you all are doing well. 

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