Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs and Cats (My Favorite Indoor Plants Are On The List)

We just recently got a new pet cat which was given to us as a gift for Riley from Ryan’s Uncle Elmer and Auntie Evelyn. Thank you so much, Uncle and Auntie! Riley is so happy! My son loves cats so much that my husband and I had become cat lovers too. So for our little kitten to be safe in our house, I needed to rearrange my indoor plants. Did you guys know that most common indoor plants are toxic to cats and dogs? When chewed and eaten can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Some can make dogs or cats so sick.

I remembered my Yorkie, Miumiu, chewed on my Sellum plant one time and she kept on vomiting the whole day I had to take her to the vet fast. Found out that most of my plants were toxic to dogs so I had to remove a lot of my plants or place them somewhere my dogs could not reach. Easy for dogs since dogs won’t be climbing up the furniture. My dogs are all grown up now and they don’t chew leaves anymore. But here comes our kitty, Fury. Sadly I have most of the toxic plants listed on the chart below (from Google) inside my home.


Dress from Love Bonito, Flats from YSL

My Rubbe Tree and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

Dress from Love Bonito, Flats from YSL

Basically, all the pretty indoor plants are toxic, including my favorite Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Peace Lilly, Begonia, Monstera, and Rubber Tree. Well, thank God ferns are okay since I am currently obsessed with ferns right now.

Hopefully, Fury will learn not to touch my plants. So I can have her freely walk around our house with all my favorite plants inside. Well, I hope you guys find this post helpful especially if you plan on adopting a pet soon. I know both plants and pets make us happy. There’s always a way to make it all work out. Stay safe everyone and thank you for dropping by today.

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