Riley’s 3rd (DIY) Birthday: My Little Race Car Driver

Celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday last Sunday, June 13, 2021. Riley was so excited about his birthday for the past few months and it was very clear that all he wants is a racing car theme party. I changed the design of his birthday cake four times since he kept on changing his mind until I suggested that it will be great to make his cake Roary, The Racing Car, his current favorite book. So Roary it is!

I ordered all the party decors and materials needed for this racing car theme party two months before his actual birthday because we all know how long it takes for online orders to arrive. Yes, I ordered almost everything I need for the party online. So happy that Lazada and Shopee got everything that I needed. I will put all the links down below.

Our custom-made race car jackets is by Edzel of Noicam Clothing Ltd. I asked edzel to make custom patches Mom & Dad and with the number 3 since that’s Riley age. I love that I can still get to wear the jacket in many ways without looking costumey.

I wearing a playsuit and boots from Zara.

I think only a few of you know that I have this mobile playground business back in 2018 called Riley’s Playtown. And of course, I had to set it up for Riley’s birthday even if there are only four of them playing. Riley never got to enjoy these inflatables since he is scared of the sound of the blower, and sadly he is still afraid of them until now. LOL. More about Riley’s Playtown here.

Lamborghini Ride On car from Toys n’ Wheels ph.

My husband has a lot of toolboxes lying around the garage and some were even unused. So what better way to incorporate them in the setup. I also use this vintage parking meter that our Ninong gave to my late father-in-law. And everything looks cohesive for the party theme and I love how it turned out.

I had to hire a professional to do the balloon set up so I asked Ara Bella of Out of The Box to do it for me and she did all the balloons for the party. Mini burgers for the kids were from Moyong’s Garden, Custom-made cupcakes, macarons, & cake pops were a gift from our dear baker friend Nadia Marie (Thank you so much Mai!), and then the cookies by my cousin John of

Here are the shopping links to the party decors:

Race Car Party decor set, Checkered table cloth, Checkered banner, Checkered Flag, Burger toppers, Safety Cones, Car Party Box, Loot Box, Giant Flag (curtain with white PVC pipes from our hardware store).

Riley sweats a lot, so after 30 minutes of wearing his birthday suit, he removed it and just wanted to wear his favorite sando and shorts.

I knew Riley was going to play with his cake just like from his past birthdays (here and here). So I specifically design it to be an interactive cake. I didn’t want to make edible cars because he will not eat them and he will just play with them and take them up to his room where will have ants problem, so I opt for toy cars and then the edible race tracks, decors, and garage. And it was totally what he wanted. Just look at the photo below. He played with it for almost an hour. It was worth my back pain and sleepless nights.

I know it’s been so long since I last posted here but just wanted to document Riley’s 3rd birthday party here on my blog. It was just a simple celebration at my parent’s house with my immediate family. Given the circumstances right now, I didn’t want to invite a lot of people and risk the safety of my family. And I’m sure everyone would understand. Can’t wait for the day that we all can get together and celebrate like we used to. Stay healthy and safe everyone! Thanks for dropping by!

Photos by my sister Stephanie, Riley’s yaya, & myself using Iphone11 then processed in Lightroom presets. 

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