My New Favorite Denim Pants


The moment I saw these pants on the racks I knew I had to have one. I’ve been looking for a denim wide leg pants like these for so long and finally I found one in Korea. I actually got this piece on our last night in Seoul at one of the many shops in Myeongdong. Continue reading “My New Favorite Denim Pants”

Travel Diary: Love Locks at N Seoul Tower


N Seoul Tower is one of a must see landmark in Seoul, so it was definitely part of our itinerary on our first day in Seoul. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Love Locks at N Seoul Tower”

Travel Diary: My Arrival in Seoul


Annyeong Haseyo! It’s my first time to visit Korea with my best friend Antong and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. We love everything about our short trip to Seoul, South Korea. Continue reading “Travel Diary: My Arrival in Seoul”

REVIEW & SWATCH: Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit and Gloss


img_9877Sheiloves x fashionbandwagon

So last Sunday, me and my little sister Stephanie tried out ten shades of Kylie Cosmetics matte Lipkit and Gloss. And we wanna show you how these colors look when worn on our lips so we took a lot of #selfie or should I say #selfwe. Continue reading “REVIEW & SWATCH: Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit and Gloss”